Sweet Southern Challenge 2019

UPDATE: 2/13/2019–Since I’m almost at my goal, I’m going to go for A Gallon Glass of Sweet Tea, 13+ books.

I love a good cozy mystery set in the South! Like the last book I posted about, Batter Off Dead, which was set in Kentucky. While scrolling a master list of reading challenges, I found the Sweet Southern Challenge run by Readeropolis blog (sign up in their comments). #SweetSouthernRC  From the Readeropolis blog:

“There are five reading levels for this challenge.

  • One Glass of Sweet Tea: Read 1 – 3 Books
  • Two Glasses of Sweet Tea: Read 4 – 6 Books
  • Three Glasses of Sweet Tea: Read 7 – 9 Books
  • A Pitcher of Sweet Tea: Read 10 – 12 Books
  • A Gallon Glass of Sweet Tea: Read 13 or More Books

I recommend you use the link above and read the whole post. You don’t need a blog to participate, only a link of where you’ll keep track, like a Goodreads shelf.

My revised level will be A Gallon Glass of Sweet Tea, and I’ll list the books here, starting with one I just finished and blogged about.

  1. Batter Off Dead, #2 Southern Cake Baker–Maymee Bell–KY
  2. A Charming Cure, #2 Magical Cures–Tonya Kappes–KY
  3. Pleating for Mercy, #1 Magical Dressmaking–Melissa Bourbon–TX
  4. The Whispered Word, #2 The Secret, Book & Scone Society–Ellery Adams–NC
  5. Decaffeinated Scandal, #5 Killer Coffee–Tonya Kappes–KY
  6. A Tiny Bite of Murder, #1 Monkey’s Eyebrow Tearoom–Constance Barker–KY
  7. A Juicy Morsel of Jealousy, #3 Foodie Files–Christine Zane Thomas–GA
  8. Deal Gone Dead, #1 Lily Sprayberry–Carolyn Ridder Aspenson–GA
  9. Dead as a Door Knocker, #1 House-Flipper Mystery–Diane Kelly–TN
  10. A Gift of Bones, #19 Sarah Booth Delaney–Carolyn Haines–MS
  11. Candy, Murder & Me, #1 Cookie Berelli–Carolyn Chambers Clark–FL
  12. The Puppy Who Knew Too Much, #2 Dog Club–V.M. Burns–TN
  13. The St. Valentine’s Day Cookie Massacre, #1 Hatter’s Cove–Elisabeth Crabtree–FL
  14. Forests, Fishing & Forgery, #3 Campers and Criminals–Tonya Kappes–KY
  15. Past Due for Murder, #3 Blue Ridge Library–Victoria Gilbert–VA
  16. Live and Let Chai, #1 Seaside Cafe–Bree Baker–NC
  17. No Good Tea Goes Unpunished, #2 Seaside Cafe–Bree Baker–NC
  18. A Murder Moist Foul, #1 Frosted Love–Summer Prescott–LA
  19. Glitter Bomb, #15 Scrapbooking Mystery–Laura Childs and Terrie Farley Moran–LA
  20. One Taste Too Many, #1 Sarah Blair–Debra H. Goldstein–AL
  21. Decluttered and Dead, #2 Lily Sprayberry–Carolyn Ridder Aspenson–GA
  22. A Killer Plot, #1 Books by the Bay–Ellery Adams–NC
  23. A Slice of Murder, #1 Pizza Lover’s Mystery–Chris Cavender–NC
  24. A Fitting End, #2 Magical Dressmaking–Melissa Bourbon–TX
  25. Something Read, Something Dead, #5 Lighthouse Library–Eva Gates–NC
  26. Purebred Murder 1, #1 Quirky Puppy–E.Z. Pennington–TX
  27. Purebred Murder 2, #2 Quirky Puppy–E.Z. Pennington–TX
  28. Cat Got Your Crown, #4 Kitty Couture–Julie Chase
  29. Murder Once Removed, #1 Ancestry Detective–S.C. Perkins–TX
  30. Basket Case, #1 Silver Six Crafting–Nancy Haddock–AR
  31. Paint the Town Dead, #2 Silver Six Crafting–Nancy Haddock–AR
  32. The Diva Sweetens the Pie, #12 Domestic Diva–Krista Davis–VA
  33. Them Bones, #1 Sarah Booth Delaney–Carolyn Haines–MS
  34. Fixin’ to Die, #1 Kenni Lowry–Tonya Kappes–KY

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