Six Shooter Challenge 2019

Ok, I gotta admit when I first saw this title on Bev’s My Reader’s Block blog, I thought you had to read Western books, but then I didn’t think I remembered her reading that genre. As I read on in her post, I found out that it was very different and something I’d like to do. Rick Mills is running the challenge on this page, 2019 Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge, but you don’t need to do anything there until you read your first book.

See his link for full instructions, but basically you will shoot (pun intended) to read six books by one author. When you read the first book, you’ll go to his page, click where he indicates and fill out that Google form when it comes up. Then he’ll add you to the lineup. He’s got a good example in his post about what it’ll look like. One cool thing is that their pen names count (see my first author below)

I’m shooting for reading two authors for right now. I might add more as I go through the year.

Tonya Kappes aka Maymee Bell

  1. Batter Off Dead, #2 Southern Cake Baker–Maymee Bell
  2. A Charming Cure, #2 Magical Cures–Tonya Kappes
  3. Decaffeinated Scandal, #5 Killer Coffee–Tonya Kappes
  4. Forests, Fishing & Forgery, #3 Campers and Criminals–Tonya Kappes
  5. Fixin’ to Die, #1 Kenni Lowry–Tonya Kappes


Ellery Adams

  1. The Whispered Word, #2 Secret, Book & Scone Society–Ellery Adams
  2. A Killer Plot, #1 Books by the Bay–Ellery Adams



2 thoughts on “Six Shooter Challenge 2019”

  1. This sounds interesting. I am actually planning to read Angela Mason’s series this year, I have several on my kindle but not read any of them. Ellery Adams is a good one to read 6 books from. She has so many different series to enjoy. I might join in with this one.

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    1. It seemed so easy I couldn’t resist. Kinda nice there’s no linky to bother with, simply fill out the form on his site when a book is read. That’s why I picked Ellery for sure and I know I’ll be reading more Tonya, in fact I started one today for her book club on Facebook.

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