Pleating for Mercy–review

This is the first book in the Magical Dressmaking series by Melissa Bourbon. I love to sew, and when I saw this series along with the word “magical” in it, I knew I’d really enjoy it. I didn’t steer myself wrong either.

It was a great opening book for the series, and after meeting all the regulars, I’m anxious to read the next one. I had this book in a drawer unit stored with 20 or so other first in series, so I challenged myself to read that drawer of firsts that I’d squirreled away going on a couple of years now. The book will fit into several more challenges, some of which I planned for it to!

My Goodreads review:

Pleating for Mercy (A Magical Dressmaking Mystery, #1)Pleating for Mercy by Melissa Bourbon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Harlow Cassidy was not only descended from outlaw Butch Cassidy, but her family legend said he had placed a charm on all future generations of Cassidy women. Her mom, grandmother and great-grandmother each had a personal charm that they knew about. Nana was a goat whisperer, something she wasn’t exactly proud of, but Harlow had no idea what hers was, until she came back home to Bliss, Texas. A girl she knew from grade school was getting married and had to have her gown and her bridesmaid’s gowns in less than two weeks, because the shop she’d originally dealt with suddenly went out of business. When the maid of honor was found strangled outside Harlow’s shop, her friend Josie was a person of interest as well as Josie’s fiance, Nate. Josie begged Harlow to help her.

I really enjoyed visiting Bliss, TX and liked the main characters a lot. I got a kick out of Nana the goat whisperer, but I think my favorite was Meemaw–and she wasn’t even physically there, she was dead. But she would make her presence known to Harlow in the form of noises, pointing out words in magazines or moving things around. Harlow’s possible love interest Will was very sweet and his teen daughter Gracie was really cool because she wanted to have Harlow continue teaching her to sew. I never guessed at all who the killer was! By the end of the book, Harlow finally figured out what her special charm or talent was. I’m anxious to read the next book in this series, especially since there was a several page teaser to read at the end of this book.

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  1. I read this one a couple of years ago for a challenge and I did like it. I am not sure why I didn’t pick up another. I also had this on a shelf with cozy mysteries that I hadn’t read. Nice review.

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