Where Are You Reading Challenge 2019

On that same master list, I was curious about what this challenge was all about, so yup I just had to get in on it. You can read more about it on Book Dragon’s Lair 2019 RC Where Are You Reading post (sign up there too).

The cool part about a location challenge like this is, you get to use the city in the book! It goes A-Z like the other ones out there that have you do just states. Make a list ahead of time, or you can list as you go. I’m going to list as I go and try to use as many cities instead of states as I can, since I’m already doing Literary Escapes which is states by name, then a list of countries as you visit.

Aberdeenshire, Scotland  Death and Daisies–Amanda Flower

Bellmare, Massachusetts–A Ghost of Glaze–Melissa Monroe

Calendar (no state given, just a small US town) Jeopardy in January–Camilla Chafer

Delaware–Secrets in a Bottle–Shelly West

England–Gin & Daggers–Jessica Fletcher/Donald Bain


Georgia–A Juicy Morsel of Jealousy–Christine Zane Thomas

Heart’s Harbor, Maine–In Peppermint Peril–Joy Avon

Indiana–The Body in the Attic–Judi Lynn

Jefferson, Connecticut–The Hidden Corpse–Debra Sennefelder

Kentucky–Decaffeinated Scandal–Tonya Kappes

Little Nectar, Connecticut–Peril at the Pawn Shop–Mel Faye

Massachusetts–A Scandal in Scarlet–Vicki Delany

North Harbor, Michigan–The Novel Art of Murder–V.M. Burns

Oregon–Meet Your Baker–Ellie Alexander

Pine Grove, New York–Candy Apple Killer–Chelsea Thomas


Rumford, Kentucky–Batter Off Dead–Maymee Bell

Sylvan Creek, Pennsylvania–A Midwinter’s Tail–Bethany Blake

Texas (Bliss)–Pleating for Mercy–Melissa Bourbon


Venice, Florida–Candy, Murder & Me–Carolyn Chambers Clark

Whispering Falls, Kentucky–A Charming Cure–Tonya Kappes



Zinnia, Mississippi–A Gift of Bones–Carolyn Haines

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