The Puppy Who Knew Too Much–review

This is the second book in Valerie (V.M) Burns’ newer series, Dog Club Mysteries. I absolutely love this series and wouldn’t change a thing about it. It has everything I have come to love in a cozy mystery! This definitely works as a standalone, but I really recommend treating yourself by reading the first one first. You’ll appreciate this one even more!

My Goodreads review:

The Puppy Who Knew Too Much (Dog Club Mystery #2)The Puppy Who Knew Too Much by V.M. Burns

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I knew I loved this new series when I read the first book, but after reading this one, I am beyond in love with it! It’s the perfect cozy mystery with a great twist!

Lilly Echosby had made her move to Chattanooga TN and no sooner had she moved into a house she was going to rent, when she found a body in the woods nearby. It was identified as her landlord that she’d never met. After another body turned up and Lilly was told by the local officer that she was a person of interest, the TBI officer that had befriended her family took over the case. He hadn’t known Lilly that long, but he realized it was futile to ban her from investigating. And as usual, she and her friends came together at the end to solve the murders. The twist was great and I definitely never saw that coming.

I loved how Lilly’s daughter Stephanie immediately bonded with the Golden Retriever that they’d found cowering under the deck at the house. She got him medical help and he truly proved himself to be a loyal friend. Little Aggie was coming along with her obedience training and also had a fairly important part in taking down a killer. I am over the moon about Lilly and her new friend Red! I can’t wait to read the next book!

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