Print Only Challenge 2019

Yep another challenge. This one is run by As Told by Tina. This is the As Told By Tina Print Only Challenge 2019 sign-up page. The picture is property of Tina and indicates I’m part of this challenge.

It’s easy and straightforward: physical books only, but they can be yours, borrowed or gifts, as long as they are a physical book.

I’m going for the 41+ Collector’s Edition, since I read quite a few over that amount in 2018–and the year isn’t finished.


1-10 – Out Of Print
11-20 – 1st Edition
21-30 – 2nd Printing
31- 40 – Signed Edition
41+ – Collector’s Edition

My books:

  1. In Peppermint Peril–Joy Avon
  2. The Novel Art of Murder–V.M. Burns
  3. A Midwinter’s Tail–Bethany Blake
  4. A Scandal in Scarlet–Vicki Delany
  5. Iced Under–Barbara Ross
  6. Pleating for Mercy–Melissa Bourbon
  7. The Whispered Word–Ellery Adams
  8. Christmas Carol Murder–Leslie Meier
  9. Manuscript for Murder–Jessica Fletcher/Jon Land
  10. Dead as a Door Knocker–Diane Kelly
  11. Gin & Daggers–Jessica Fletcher/Donald Bain
  12. Meet Your Baker–Ellie Alexander
  13. A Gift of Bones–Carolyn Haines
  14. Chocolate Cream Pie Murder–Joanne Fluke
  15. Murders and Metaphors–Amanda Flower

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