Print Only Challenge 2019

Yep another challenge. This one is run by As Told by Tina. This is the As Told By Tina Print Only Challenge 2019 sign-up page. The picture is property of Tina and indicates I’m part of this challenge.

It’s easy and straightforward: physical books only, but they can be yours, borrowed or gifts, as long as they are a physical book.

I’m going for the 41+ Collector’s Edition, since I read quite a few over that amount in 2018–and the year isn’t finished.


1-10 – Out Of Print
11-20 – 1st Edition
21-30 – 2nd Printing
31- 40 – Signed Edition
41+ – Collector’s Edition

My books:

  1. In Peppermint Peril–Joy Avon
  2. The Novel Art of Murder–V.M. Burns
  3. A Midwinter’s Tail–Bethany Blake
  4. A Scandal in Scarlet–Vicki Delany
  5. Iced Under–Barbara Ross
  6. Pleating for Mercy–Melissa Bourbon
  7. The Whispered Word–Ellery Adams
  8. Christmas Carol Murder–Leslie Meier
  9. Manuscript for Murder–Jessica Fletcher/Jon Land
  10. Dead as a Door Knocker–Diane Kelly
  11. Gin & Daggers–Jessica Fletcher/Donald Bain
  12. Meet Your Baker–Ellie Alexander
  13. A Gift of Bones–Carolyn Haines
  14. Chocolate Cream Pie Murder–Joanne Fluke
  15. Murders and Metaphors–Amanda Flower
  16. Death by Coffee–Alex Erickson
  17. Live and Let Chai–Bree Baker
  18. No Good Tea Goes Unpunished–Bree Baker
  19. Murders on Elderberry Road–Sally Goldenbaum
  20. Glitter Bomb–Laura Childs and Terrie Farley Moran
  21. A Killer Plot–Ellery Adams
  22. Lemon Meringue Pie Murder–Joanne Fluke
  23. A Fitting End–Melissa Bourbon
  24. The Pomeranian Always Barks Twice–Alex Erickson
  25. Lending a Paw–Laurie Cass
  26. Eggs on Ice–Laura Childs
  27. Kernel of Truth–Kristi Abbott
  28. Foul Play on Words–Becky Clark
  29. Poppy Harmon Investigates–Lee Hollis
  30. With a Kiss I Die–J.A. Hennrikus
  31. Allergic to Death–Peg Cochran
  32. Them Bones–Carolyn Haines

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