Death by Coffee–review

I’d been hoping this first book in the Bookstore Cafe series by Alex Erickson would make it to one of the online book discussion groups I’m in as an excuse to try it. Book clubs are great for that! Books that have sat around or lived awhile in my Kindle account finally get read. Win-win! And hey, who doesn’t like the idea of a bookstore cafe, ya know? Another fun thing for me about this series is that it takes place in Ohio, since the author is from here. I have all these in paperback from when B&N ran a Kensington special–except I think I preordered the next release as a Kindle book.

This cat picture I found on Google (under licensed for reuse) reminded me of Trouble, the bookshop cat.

My Goodreads review:

Death by Coffee (Bookstore Cafe Mystery, #1)Death by Coffee by Alex Erickson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had been wanting to read this for some time now, and was glad when one of the online book clubs I’m in decided to use it for this month’s discussion, which is next week. Krissy was a hoot! She was pushy, persistent and sometimes a bit childlike in her outbursts, but she got the job done in the end, and she tracked down the killer. What a twist toward the end! I sure never saw it coming, and I didn’t guess the killer until some clues planted led to them. I loved the cats getting into mischief as the sort of comic relief, although it wasn’t too funny when Trouble was causing huge trouble for Allergy Man at the bookshop, but it could be said that the man overreacted and the cat just did what cats do naturally. (Heck, if I liked a bookshop that had a cat in it, I’d just take some allergy meds before I shopped lol) I really enjoyed Paul and Krissy’s budding friendship and hopefully romance. I’m definitely continuing this series!

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