Seven Deadly Zins–review

This is the second book in the Wine Country series by Nancy J. Parra otherwise known as Nancy Coco who writes the Candy-Coated series set on Mackinac Island. After the first book, the characters grew on me so much that I was anxious to start this book right away after finishing the first. I was glad I had read the first mainly for backstories and knowing the characters better. I was happy to find out that Taylor had backed off quite a bit from blatantly going against the sheriff when he’d tell her not to investigate. I have to admit, it made me nervous every time she would go somewhere, especially in the first book. This time, she only went against orders once…or twice. I guess that’s just who she is, and I’ll have to stop being nervous for her lol.

After the end of the book, there are some suggested pairings for Zinfandel in the line of cheeses and desserts along with a fudge recipe.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley and my opinions are my own.

My Goodreads review:

Seven Deadly Zins (A Sonoma Wine Country Mystery #2)Seven Deadly Zins by Nancy J. Parra

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There was definitely a lot happening in this second installment from Taylor finding out she’s got wine tour competition to her neighbor who owns a winery being charged with two murders. Lots of secrets were being kept too, and it was a pretty exciting race to the finish towards the end of the book where there was an unexpected twist. The person I thought did it was completely innocent!

I’m really glad that Chelsea, Holly and now Taylor’s investigative reporter friend was back and helping them. We got to meet Sarah, Aunt Jemma’s psychic friend who did contribute a little info about the first murder. Tim Slade was the neighboring winery owner who was charged with murder, not once but twice, and Taylor felt an obligation to him as a friend to investigate and see what she could do, after all, she caught the last killer. At the end of this, everyone was happy doing what they do best.

Gotta admit, I was hoping that Taylor’s rival would end up having to be closed down or be involved with the killings somehow– the woman is just mean and snarky, lol But she’s a go-getter, and just possibly Taylor will learn something about improving her own business by knowing she’s got tough competition. Only the future books can tell for sure! I’m anxious to keep on reading this series!

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9 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Zins–review”

    1. Yeah I guess so, I just felt so sorry for Taylor since she worked really hard to build her biz and this woman waltzes in on her idea. Thanks on the review too! I guess Zin is good if it’s sweet 😂. Since it pairs with desserts I guess maybe it is if it’s red hmm.

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      1. Oh good I kind of thought so. My daughter is the wine fan around here. She took a class when she was in college and does really know quite a bit and now I remember we did take Zinfandel to Christmas at my brother’s house.

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