A Case of Syrah, Syrah–review

I’ve been wanting to read this now for awhile, because I love another series that Nancy J. Parra writes as Nancy Coco, The Candy-Coated series set on Mackinac Island. This is the first in the Wine Country series set in sunny Sonoma, California. I already know that I’m going to love the next book. These characters are something else! Taylor is one who won’t take no for answer, and her friend Holly is every bit as adventurous. That’s a little bit of a change from what we see a lot. Lots of times, the sidekick is the adventurous one who gets the sleuth into trouble. Taylor did her own share of getting herself into sticky situations. (I was surprised the sheriff didn’t throw her in jail for her own protection lol) I liked the addition of Chelsea, who is a friend of Holly from college and who wouldn’t love Aunt Jemma, the owner of the winery where Taylor lives and is using as home base for her winery tours.

My Goodreads review:

A Case of Syrah, Syrah (A Wine Country Mystery #1)A Case of Syrah, Syrah by Nancy J. Parra

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’d been wanting to read this before I read my ARC of the next book in the series, so I found it on Overdrive to borrow from my library. I just love Nancy’s Candy-Coated series she writes as Nancy Coco, and this series didn’t disappoint either!

Taylor O’Brian ran wine country tours business, but when she came across the dead body of a yoga instructor on her very first tour, that business came to a screeching halt until someone could prove Taylor’s innocence. Her corkscrew was the murder weapon and someone who apparently lied had said they saw her shove the woman off the cliff. Taylor and her bestie, Holly teamed up with a college friend of Holly’s, Chelsea, an investigative free-lance reporter and started snooping around on their own, despite numerous warnings from the sheriff and Taylor’s lawyer. There was a side mystery about identity theft that Taylor was sure had to be connected to what ended up being two murders total. Hopefully she and her friends could solve this before she ended up in jail for something she didn’t do…or became the next murder victim.

Holly is another bestie that you just gotta love! She’s got a ton of enthusiasm and loyalty–but at least she had the sense to stay out of “just one more stake-out.” The showdown was great! Taylor may not have been good at paying attention to people who told her to stop snooping, but she was good at remembering to record things! I loved Aunt Jemma too, what a sweetheart! And the adorable cocker spaniel Millie who came into Taylor’s life was a cute little addition.

I’ll be reading the next book starting a little later today!

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