What an Animal Reading Challenge 2019

This is the third challenge run by Yvonne at Socrates Book Reviews. The sign-up page is What an Animal Reading Challenge 2019 (sign up here).

The animal(s) in the book has to play a major role in the story. There can’t just be an animal on the cover. I’m going for Level 4, 21 or more based on what I read last year. For complete details, be sure to go to Socrates’ Book Reviews.


Level 1 – Read 6 books

Level 2 – Read 7-12

Level 3 – Read 13-20

Level 4 – Read 21 or more

My books:

  1. A Charming Cure, #2 Magical Cures–Tonya Kappes–June’s cat always plays an important part in this series.
  2. A Midwinter’s Tail, #4 Lucky Paws Pet Sitting–Bethany Blake–three of the dogs played important parts in this, although they’re always mentioned a lot and interact with the main characters
  3. Decaffeinated Scandal, #5 Killer Coffee–Tonya Kappes–Norman, the shop dog that was there to be adopted out stole the show with his flatulence issues–but he got a forever home.
  4. Peril at the Pawn Shop, #1 A Walk in the Bark–Mel Faye–Ralph, another adorable pug helps Annie with training other dogs.
  5. A Tiny Bite of Murder, #1 The Monkey’s Eyebrow Tea Room–Constance Barker–Daisy was the adorable chimp who worked as hostess at the tearoom and was one of the regular characters always interacting with customers.
  6. Secrets in a Bottle, #1 Whodunit Antiques–Shelly West–Thor is a lovable giant of a Great Dane who I think thinks he’s human
  7. A Body on Fitzgerald’s Bluff, #1 Seaview Cottages–Anna Celeste Burke–Domino is a lovable Dalmatian and her best friend is Emily, a Jack Russell Terrier. Both girls had a major part in taking down a killer.
  8. Dead as a Door Knocker, #1 House-Flipper Mystery–Diane Kelly–Sawdust the cat gets to do something important in catching a killer.
  9. Town Hall Homicide, #2 A Walk in the Bark–Mel Faye–Noodle the standard poodle took down the murderer.
  10. Candy, Murder & Me, #1 Cookie Berelli–Carolyn Chambers Clark–Sigmund, Cookie’s little dachshund gets to help take down the perp
  11. The Puppy Who Knew Too Much, #2 Dog Club–V.M. Burns–Lilly’s little poodle Aggie is an important part of her family now
  12. Murders and Metaphors, #3 Magical Bookshop–Amanda Flower–Along with Emerson the cat, Faulkner the sometimes snarky crow is a main character who is also hilarious





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