Pasta Mortem–review

This is the seventh book in the Supper Club series by Ellery Adams. This one was also co-written by Rosemary Stevens. I’m all caught up now and ready for the next book. This series makes me laugh, smile and get leaky eyes all in the course of one book.

My Goodreads review:

Pasta Mortem (Supper Club Mysteries Book 7)Pasta Mortem by Ellery Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think this has to be the best book yet in this series! Just everything about it, the mystery itself to the characters’ personal relationships just shines.

It was close to mid-February in Quincy’s Gap and the town was buzzing for a couple of different reasons. A beloved TV show from the late 80s was having a reunion party in a neighboring town and one of the cast members just happened to be editor of a southern type living magazine that had just published an article on why Quincy’s Gap was one of the most desired small towns to live in. The five friends were pretty livid about this as was the rest of the town. For one thing, nosy reporter and newspaper owner Murphy who had acted like she was their friend but had written some murder mysteries with them all as characters, had been going around taking everyone’s pictures claiming she’d use it in one of her newspaper articles. Instead it was part of this magazine spread. Citizens were not happy since it would me overcrowding of schools and just generally overcrowding of everything. The people in Quincy’s Gap liked being a small town and wanted it to stay that way.

When Murphy’s new real estate partner was killed in that bed and breakfast, the police of course turned to Murphy as prime suspect. The five supper club friends were torn about working on this case since Murphy hadn’t been so nice to them just recently. They all decided she could be nasty but she was not a killer. This mystery had a lot of fun twists and turns. I sure never saw the reveal coming. The very ending was probably the sweetest most awesome thing I’ve read in a long time!

I liked how the characters’ personal lives all had something similar going on. The couples were having issues with their couple lives, just like real life people do, and they had to figure out how to fix that while working the case. I admired how they did put their family and personal problems first though. By Valentine’s Day, everyone had a very satisfactory solution to their issues and all five friends could truthfully say they were very happy.

I really hope there are more books coming in this series. I would be sad if this series did end but I think this book was so good that if for some reason that happened, we have some great closure and memories of our friends knowing they’re all doing well. More books would be better though so being an optimist, I will keep hoping! If you love the recipes in this series, you’ll love that there are nine of them at the end of this book.

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Black Beans and Vice–review

This is the fifth book in the Supper Club series that was given a complete overhaul and now has recipes in each book. There were several memorable things happening in this book and as you’ll see from my Goodreads review below, I didn’t even do a regular synopsis for fear of spoiling something in case someone just surfed in and got this review without reading the others. To get the most enjoyment from the series, I would totally recommend reading it in order.

My Goodreads review:

Black Beans & Vice (Supper Club Mysteries Book 6)Black Beans & Vice by Ellery Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The series is just progressively getting better as everyone’s story unfolds and relationships develop while friendships continue to grow. This story was very bittersweet in some spots but the parties involved ended up with a happily ever after or a very nice outcome. There was one little thing that remains hanging but I have no doubt that since it’s been spread over several books, it’ll be resolved soon. A couple of my faves were in physical danger for a bit but all became ok again.

I’m not going to write my usual synopsis since there are quite a few little subplots that I don’t want to spoil for anyone but instead of the usual small mystery happening at the library, something was going on in Jane and James’s lives that had to be taken care of. I didn’t guess the killer at all in the main mystery and even though there was no official showdown except for Lucy telling the story, sometimes I like it that way. The police have handled it, our friends aren’t in danger. I really love that Lucy became a deputy since it’s caused the sheriff’s department to put more faith in the five friends than they would have in the beginning. Lucy’s a good deputy too and she fiercely protects her friends while doing everything within the law. I think they might have come to a truce with Murphy as well!

Moving along to the seventh and final (for now, I hope there will be more!) book.

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Stiffs and Swine–review

This is the fourth book in the Supper Club series by Ellery Adams which has quickly become one of my favorite series for both the mystery itself and the camaraderie of the five people who have become fast friends, literally through thick and through thin. If you scroll back to May, you’ll see my review for the fifth book which I’m going to go back and go over a bit on my own before proceeding to the sixth book. This one had a very sweet and a little bit of a leaky-eye ending if you like that kind of sweetness. Not overkill just really cool!

My Goodreads review:

Stiffs and Swine (A Supper Club Mystery, #4)Stiffs and Swine by J.B. Stanley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was late summer in Quincy’s Gap and our five friends had been invited to be guests of honor at a neighboring town’s Hog Fest. They were going to judge the hogs in a dress-up contest and also help at the pie eating contest. When one of the barbecue contestants, a loud obnoxious man named Jimmy, was found dead in his camper, Gillian was taken in for questioning since she had had a meltdown with this guy the day before. Since Lucy was a deputy, her help was more welcomed by Sheriff Jade Jones (Bennett developed a crush on her) than the rest but overall, the police there were friendly enough and did their job without being condescending like Donovan at Lucy’s home station was known for. James and Lucy’s former relationship was still a little strained but they still functioned well together as mystery-solving friends. James had felt himself drifting a little from Murphy since she seemed to have changed. Then she told him she’d signed a book contract. She’d been writing about murders in their town but said the characters were loosely based on them. Bennett was definitely not amused when he heard that.

On the home front, Scott and Francis at the library had a little mystery of their own which really ended up so awesome at the end! What a cool little sting operation they pulled with James’s, Lucy’s and Mrs. Hasting’s help. Jackson and Milla had become much closer and James was pleased to find out his dad had proposed to this lovely lady that he’d become so comfortable being around as a mother figure. During the trip, Bennett had been studying very hard for his chance on Jeopardy. When they got home, James had one more thing to take care of with Murphy. Even his beloved bookmobile that had broken down earlier got a happy ending.

I don’t think this mystery was so much focused on guessing the killer because at one point, everyone pretty much knew who, now they had to figure out how to nail the person. The showdown was pretty exciting and James got to be in the spotlight. Gillian was happy to have her freedom and had told the whole story about why she’d had that meltdown a few days ago with the obnoxious barbecue man. She got to do something that was very generous as well as suggesting something very generous as well. That’s what I love about all these people. Despite their personal demons, faults or whatever you want to call them, they are true friends to one another. Who wouldn’t love to be friends with any one of this awesome Flab Five group?

I’ve read the next book but may go over it quickly before moving on to the sixth book. At least I have a good two-book fix for awhile for this series, since the seventh one has recently come out!

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Chili con Corpses–review

This is the third book in the Supper Club series by well-known author Ellery Adams. Last month I had jumped out of series order a little to read the fifth in the series but I went right back to where I needed to be by reading this book. It does help explain some things in book five or at least gave me a little insight into things that happen in book five. The author does a good job of catching readers up just in case they do read these as a standalone though. I always love the very relatable characters in this series and their unique friendship that stands whether or not they’re actively working on weight loss.

My Goodreads review:

Chili con Corpses (Supper Club Mysteries, #3)Chili con Corpses by Ellery Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In this installment, our Flab Five friends have decided to take a cooking class one day a week as their break from all the constant dieting they’d been doing. Lucy was working hard to pass the last leg of the deputy’s exam which caused a big change in James and Lucy’s relationship. He found himself drawn to Murphy Alistair, the newspaper editor who in the past hadn’t been a very nice person to them but in this book, she sort of became the 6th person in their supper club. When one of the teachers at Lindy’s school was murdered during a cave field trip, the state police were called in but the friends decided to do what they did best together, figure out who the killer was. I loved how they set up a sting operation at the end. I had suspected the person who ended up as the killer but didn’t know the reason till the clues all were revealed and fell into place.

Since meeting Milla, who ran the cooking class, James thought bringing her around to meet his dad would be a good idea and it was. Jackson seemed to enjoy how she liked spoiling him with her cooking and he seemed a little less reclusive. I really like Milla and since I read ahead a few books a few months ago, I am happy about what happens eventually. I got a kick out of Bennett’s New Year’s resolution to try out for Jeopardy, he definitely knows a lot of trivia.

What made this seem so realistic was Lucy sort of pulling away from everyone for awhile to devote time to working out and passing the deputy exam. In real life, friend groups always experience that. They have their ups and downs. I like how all these people are always willing to accept the strayed friend back or welcome new friends. Murphy was just seeming too good to be true so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next. She was very useful in helping to solve this mystery though. Relationships are never perfect so I think it’s pretty true to life how she and James’ relationship tends to fade.

On to book four now!

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A Battered Body–review

This is the fifth book in the Supper Club series by Ellery Adams. The series has become one of my favorites. I’m always anxious to see what my friends in Quincy’s Gap, VA are up to. I did jump ahead a little bit since I wanted to do a review for NetGalley but I since bought the book as well. I’m definitely going to read books 3 and 4 so I can feel caught up more to go on to the sixth.

The seventh book is releasing soon after quite a hiatus. Ellery Adams teamed up with author Rosemary Stevens for book 7 which will be “Pasta Mortem.”

My Goodreads review:

The Battered Body (Supper Club Mysteries Book 5)The Battered Body by Ellery Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really love this series and these wonderful friends who originally got together to lose weight but have become more than just sleuths. They’re true best friends that have each others’ backs no matter what.

In this book, James’ dad and a cooking teacher name Milla (Camilla) were getting married on Christmas Eve. Since Milla’s younger sister was a celebrity baker, she had agreed to make the cake and other items for the wedding. When Paulette was found with her cake batter all over her face, it appeared to be an accident but Lucy who was now a deputy, didn’t feel right with the accidental ruling so she and her supper club friends set out to do one of the things they did best together…investigate!

It seems like all of the friends had some sort of epiphany in this book that was really enjoyable to read about. What’s cool about this series is that it’s not just a mystery story. Each story is one that’s also about friendships. I’m not sure why I wanted to read this book out of order (it wasn’t a problem at all, I’m just particular that way). It didn’t ruin anything for me. There are a couple of fun surprises that happen to some of our favorites. I love that James now has a mom in his life again and that his dad is living grouchily happily ever after! I think I will go back and get caught up before reading the sixth book though.

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Fit to Die–review

Don’t fall over, I’ve read two in the same series in a row again 😉 This one is the second book in the Supper Club series by Ellery Adams, currently undergoing revisions to reflect the author using her Ellery Adams name now on the series instead of JB Stanley. I voluntarily read and reviewed this copy that I received from NetGalley and the publisher. I liked the first two books so much I did buy the third one and I look to get the others as well.

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My Goodreads review:

Fit to Die (A Supper Club Mystery, #2)Fit to Die by J.B. Stanley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m loving this series so much I couldn’t stop with the first book. This book was just as amazing and the Flab Five even got to add a couple of new friends to the mix. I loved how once they got their weight loss programs back under control, they all gained the confidence they’d been needing. Things were getting better between James and his dad, Jackson. Lucy was working very hard to help out the sheriff’s department and hopefully get to take the deputy exam soon.

It was late spring and the whole town of Quincy’s Gap was abuzz with excitement when new citizen Willy opened up his Polar Pagoda. There was also a new fitness program in town and he and the owner definitely didn’t see eye to eye. Also some of the townspeople weren’t very happy with Willy’s shop for selling what they said was a suggestive t-shirt saying on a shirt. Did one of these people decided to burn the place down, leaving a body there? Another body eventually turned up as well so the friends had their jobs cut out for them. As in the first book, they all worked together so well as both a weight loss and a mystery solving team.

I thought the Spring Fling sounded like a lot of fun! I really admire the 20-something Fitzgerald twins, Francis and Scott, who work for James, for their innovative ideas for fund raising. This was for some new computers and printers. The Fling was a huge success! I was so happy that Jackson Henry was beginning to act more like a real father to James now. He still didn’t want to talk about his art but apparently he was becoming successful and was willing to have some improvements done on their home.

I liked these first two books so much I bought the third and am thinking of starting it soon!

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Carbs and Cadavers–review

This is the first book in the newly revised Supper Club series by Ellery Adams. Originally she had used the name J.B. Stanley but has had all the books revised, or is in the process of doing that, to use the same name across all her series. I originally read this book in July of 2017 and since I reviewed it on Goodreads then, it won’t count as part of my challenge for 2018.

I wanted to re-read it so I could take part in a Facebook book club that Ellery is having until March 23. She’s doing a daily giveaway or sometimes two and asking questions about the story. I felt like I had forgotten a lot so I wanted to re-read and also mention the book here since I only just started this blog January 2018. I owned the original on Kindle but loved the new cover so much so I requested the revised edition from NetGalley to voluntarily read and review.

I’m writing longer book reviews now but here’s the short, sweet and to the point one I wrote for Goodreads last July:

Carbs and Cadavers: A Supper Club MysteryCarbs and Cadavers: A Supper Club Mystery by Ellery Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved the camaraderie and caring these new friends have

I really liked the switch from usual cozies to a male protagonist. James is so sweet and I was really happy he and Lucy hit it off. All of these weight loss friends were awesome and were just depicted as people anyone would be happy to have as friends. The mystery was well told and I had no idea who the killer was. The ending had me wondering how the friends were going to get the better of the perp but it worked out great. I would definitely be interested in reading the next in the series.

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