2021 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

I’ve been doing this challenge for several years  now, and it’s always fun. I’m going to pass on the author version of this though. It’s just too hard to fit in an author for every letter especially using just cozy mysteries, which is my genre of choice.

I’ll link to Lori’s original post about this, so anyone who comes here and doesn’t already know about it can join as well. 2021 Alphabet Soup challenge presented by Escape with Dollycas.

Instead of listing on this page as in the past, I’ll post the whole list once the challenge is over.

UPDATED 11/9/21

Antique Secrets—Libby Howard

Brewing Up Trouble—Constance Barker

Cherry Cheesecake Murder—Joanne Fluke

(A) Deadly Edition—Victoria Gilbert

Escape From Danger—Courtney McFarlin

Fatally Frosted—Jessica Beck

Grounds for Murder—Tara Lush

(A) Hiss-tory of Magic—Harper Lin

Ink and Shadows—Ellery Adams

Jackets, Jack-O-Lanterns & Justice—Tonya Kappes

Key Lime Pie Murder—Joanne Fluke

Libraries and Labradors—Hillary Avis

Murder Turns a Page—Thea Cambert

Nearly Dead in Iowa—Wendy Byrne

One Poison Pie—Lynn Cahoon

Pages and Pyrenees—Hillary Avis

Q The SQueaky Clean Skeleton—R.A. Muth

Rock Candy and Robberies—Patti Benning

Slay Bells Ring—Mona Marple

Tomes and Terriers—Hillary Avis

Unbaked Croakies—Sam Cheever

Vicious Valentine—Patti Benning

W (A) Wicked Yarn—Emmie Caldwell

X MiXing Up Murder—Emmie Lyn

Your Eight O’Clock Is Dead—Kat Jorgensen

Z Maple DriZZle Murder—Rosie A. Point

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