2020 Alphabet Soup Author Edition Year End

Here’s my list of authors for this year’s challenge. I fell short by two: X and Y. It was quicker to go with the list I had saved instead of trying to match up the titles. I need to rethink that record keeping for 2021 lol.

Angela Pepper

Beck, Jessica

Cole, Lyndsey

Danielle Collins

Elizabeth Penney

Flower, Amanda

Gilbert, Victoria

Hollis, Lee

Isabella Alan

James, CeeCee

Kate Carlisle

Libby Klein

Maddie Cochere

Nancy Coco

Orgain, Diana

Peggy Ehrhart

Q Carolyn Q. Hunter

Ray, Deany

Sennefelder, Debra

Thomas, Lisa B.

Updegraff, Roberta

Vicki Delany

Washburn, Livia J.



Zara Keane

2 thoughts on “2020 Alphabet Soup Author Edition Year End”

  1. Wow, great effort! I keep thinking I should do this one and I may see how many I get, but not go out of my way to finish it as I have so many challenges on the go.


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