Calendar of Crime Challenge 2020

This was a fun challenge this year (yes, I still need to update the blog page, but I’ll do that when my craft shows are done), so I am happy to join Bev at My Reader’s Block once again for the Calendar of Crime Challenge for next year.

If you want to join the fun, visit the link highlighted above and fill out the form. You don’t need a blog, so if you don’t have one or yours isn’t a book one, you can easily keep track on Goodreads.

Instead of copy and pasting all the details here, I’ll just send you right over to Bev’s and let you read everything there from the challenge leader herself. Here’s the link again to sign up for the Calendar of Crime for 2020 at My Reader’s Block. Have fun! This challenge definitely gave me the push I needed to get some fun cozies read. If you end up with any questions, just ask Bev on that page.

January book: Jammed by Deany Ray, prompt #7, starts with J

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