Deadly Ride by Jody Holford review

This is the third book in the newer Britton Bay series by Jody Holford, and it’s quickly become a favorite series with a sweet town and familiar, comfortable characters. I like the addition of Sarah who has the art shop in town as Chris’s girlfriend now. I think Sam may have felt like he was being left out, since Sam and Molly are so close. Sam was definitely in his element in this book with the mystery surrounding a car show that his garage was sponsoring. I really hope there’s a Christmas book in store for this series!

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My Goodreads review:

Deadly Ride (Britton Bay #3)Deadly Ride by Jody Holford

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another very sweet installment in one of my favorite new cozy mystery series! I love how Molly and Sam are growing closer in each book, but it doesn’t take anything away from the mystery to hear about their romance. I can definitely handle this type of romance along with my cozy mysteries.

I had a feeling of whodunit, but as usual, I had no idea why other than an obvious reason, which all of the suspects had obvious reasons for wanting the car show co-owner dead. Molly has always been very impulsive and doesn’t do well listening to authority, so it’s a good thing that Chris the detective is also a friend of Sam’s. I think that gives him a higher tolerance of her. Chris did give her a cute birthday gift at the end. I enjoyed the part where Sam went with Molly to stake out Sarah’s art shop. She’d been having some break-ins, but barely anything had gone missing. Sam was so sweet to tag along and not ask a million questions. I’m hoping that before too long we get to hear some wedding bells for these two sleuths!

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