Restaurant Weeks Are Murder–review

This is the third hilarious and fun book in the Poppy McAllister series by author Libby Klein. I just love her sense of humor that she puts into all these books. It’s so refreshing, and even the cat Figaro gets to be in on some of the mischief and crazy happenings. My favorite character is Aunt Ginny, and she sure didn’t disappoint this time. She was at all the filmings of Restaurant Week with her crew of senior friends. I had to chuckle at them running bets on who would do what, since the whole week was very drama-filled. I can’t wait till the fourth book comes out!

The cat in the picture made me think of Figaro, although I always thought he was darker gray. I couldn’t resist adding it due to the orange eyes.

My Goodreads review:

Restaurant Weeks Are Murder (A Poppy McAllister Mystery #3)Restaurant Weeks Are Murder by Libby Klein

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think this may be the funniest in this series yet! Despite the murders or any attempts at murder, there is still always plenty to laugh at. Aunt Ginny is such a hoot when she decides to wear one of her what seems like endless crazy outfits. This time I couldn’t stop laughing at Figaro, that little stinker cat! He just seemed to know that someone was allergic to him and kept mysteriously showing up in their room. I loved how he drew Poppy into his mischief too! He did something fairly important later on in the book–won’t spoil that, but it was pretty cool.

When one of the judges for the Restaurant Week competition was murdered, Poppy worried that she’d be in jail before the day was over, since it was her dessert that the judge was eating. Not to mention the headache of having to work alongside Gigi, a chef who had her own restaurant but was a little too cozy with Tim, Poppy’s ex-boyfriend that she herself seemed to be getting closer with. All the chefs had some sort of secret, so there was no shortage of suspects in the murder, sabotages and attempted murders that followed. In the end, Poppy overcame her quandary about whether Tim or Gia would be the guy she chose, but there was still a tiny little issue which I won’t mention, since I don’t want to spoil it.

I had guessed the killer randomly, but I had no idea of the reasoning and the story behind their why. The showdown was pretty awesome showing once more that a good chef can even handle a killer if the right equipment is available! I am more anxious than ever for the next book because of how this one ended. It’s not really a cliffhanger, since the murder was solved. Just read it and see if you agree!

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