New Year Greetings for 2019!

Hey wow, it’s 2019, did you party like it was still 1999? Well, I hope everyone is able to get some much-needed rest after a busy Christmas season. I wish all of you the very best that 2019 has to offer, especially peace and many blessings and good health.

I’m just writing today about a couple of cool apps I recently added. Yes, I’m probably the last person on the planet to discover them. I always wondered what was so darn great about WordPress reader until I found the WordPress app! Light bulb moment! I can immediately approve posts here and write a nearly-immediate reply. I could even post on the fly if I wanted to.

But…I can only follow people who, like me, have WordPress blogs. What about all those others that I want to follow but not have to always bother with checking emails or going on a clunky website to look at other blogs?

Enter Blog Lovin’ app! I had deleted all the blogs I followed there sometime ago, because I never remembered to go to the website. Some blogs never have had the ability to be followed by email, and I feel like I was missing out on some good ones…until I found the Blog Lovin’ app. You can follow just about any blog, no matter what the platform is. My personal preference for platforms is WordPress (well, I haven’t used the new editor yet, so maybe the jury is still out?), but Blogspot does have some good features too. I only have a presence on Blogspot that is my ID for commenting on Blogspot blogs. I don’t actually write any posts there.

Here’s my little snippet for Blog Lovin’ so that I can claim my blog through there: Follow my blog with Bloglovin. If you want to, go for it! I appreciate any and all followers. I do love comments, but please remember they’re moderated. I’m fairly sure I’d be okay if I ever set it to non-moderated, but since I can approve comments quickly now with the WordPress app, I think I’ll leave it moderated so I can keep all of us safe from not-nice comments.

Did you guys all set a Goodreads challenge for 2019? If you would like to share yours, feel free to comment. Or if you want even more challenges, go to my Challenges list. If you check out My Reader’s Block blog run by Bev, that lady is the champion of lots of challenges. You won’t believe the awesome list she has!

Have fun reading this year and let the 2019 Challenges begin!

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