Untouched Bookshelf Challenge 2019

UPDATE: 2/23/19: In a few moments of weakness, I ordered books, so I will need to read 16 more. (I can’t resist 20% off and free shipping at BetterWorldBooks.com!)

I’m pretty sure this will be the last one I sign up for, unless of course someone comes up with a challenge I can’t resist that will go along well with the others. I’m hoping this will help me keep from buying so many used books from Thrift, eBay and Better World. I love shopping at those places, but I’m really running out of room. Gotta get creative whenever a new batch arrives (oops!)

This challenge is being run by Swift Coffee. 

Go to the Untouched Bookshelf Challenge 2019 page  for all the details.

Since I don’t really trust myself not to slip and buy books, I’m going to make a small list and see how that goes:

  1. 50% Off Murder (Good Buy Girls)—Josie Belle aka Jenn McKinlay
  2. A Deadly Grind (Vintage Kitchen)—Victoria Hamilton
  3. A Peach of a Murder (Fresh Baked)—Livia J. Washburn
  4. Allergic to Death (Gourmet De-Lite)—Peg Cochran
  5. Beaglemania (Pet Rescue)—Linda O. Johnston
  6. Buried in a Book (Novel Idea)—Lucy Arlington
  7. Cookie Dough or Die (Cookie Cutter Shop)—Virginia Lowell
  8. Death on the Cliff Walk (Gilded Age)—Mary Kruger
  9. Dire Threads (Threadville)—Janet Bolin
  10. Fatal Fixer-Upper (Do-It-Yourself)—Jennie Bentley
  11. Meet Your Baker (Bakeshop)–Ellie Alexander
  12. Death by Coffee (Bookstore Cafe)–Alex Erickson
  13. Live and Let Chai (Seaside Cafe)–Bree Baker
  14. Murders on Elderberry Road (Queen Bee Quilt Mystery)–Sally Goldenbaum
  15. A Killer Plot (Books by the Bay)–Ellery Adams
  16. Lemon Meringue Pie Murder (Hannah Swenson)–Joanne Fluke
  17. A Fitting End (Magical Dressmaking)–Melissa Bourbon
  18. Lending a Paw (Bookmobile Cat)–Laurie Cass

This list covers only a small part of the books I’ve got. It would be seriously impossible to list all the books in my possession at the moment and say I was gonna try and read them, lol. I’m going to eat this elephant one bite at a time! (or maybe tine? groan, right?)

Wishing everyone in this challenge the best of luck!

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