A Knit Before Dying–review

I had read this second book in the Tangled Web series in August 2017 as an advance reader’s copy and can’t believe it took me over a year to get to the first one which I posted just before this. Here’s my original Goodreads review below. I’m not sure if re-reads count towards Goodreads’ challenge, but I do want to read this one again. There’s just something endearing about the town and its characters, yep even the “cantankerous old coot” Uncle Eb, as Josie lovingly calls him.

My Goodreads review: (from August 13, 2017)

A Knit before Dying  (Tangled Web Mystery, #2)A Knit before Dying by Sadie Hartwell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Josie Blair who owns Miss Marple Knits as well as the store and apartment next to it, is excited when her new business neighbor and tenant starts moving in. Lyndon and his business partner, Harry (still out on a buying trip), are going to run Nutmeg Antiques and Curiosities. Lyndon also rented the apartment upstairs for himself. But there’s a huge problem when Lyndon ends up dead, stabbed with an antique sheep shears and Josie comes into the shop to find Harry standing over the body. So of course poor Harry gets hauled off to jail but hasn’t been charged yet. Josie feels compelled to investigate and she’s lucky that Sharla, the lead officer on the case, is also a good friend so there isn’t any butting of heads. Lyndon’s niece Taylor and a whole cast of extras show up to toss in all the appropriate twists and fun turns that make this a really well-written mystery.

This was a very fun mystery to read because I felt like all the characters, even though I have not yet read the first book, seemed like family. The author does a good job of explaining who is who so that this could be read as a stand-alone. But I do want to read the first one and see a little of the history of Josie coming to Dorset Falls. I always enjoy cozies that have a crafting element. I don’t knit (like Josie) but I wouldn’t be opposed to learning.

All the twists, turns and back stories along with a fun side mention that talks about Josie’s best friend Lorna and her dream of having her own cafe, add to the intrigue. One hint, if you think the story is done, well think again! Oh and the epilogue is epic–very cute and trying to make you think one thing when it’s really something else. I caught on to the something else fairly quickly but I didn’t guess the perp of the story, oh well. I’ll definitely be reading the first one in this series and any others that come out. I want to visit Dorset Falls again!

I volunteered to read and review an ARC of this book. Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Publishing.

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