Books Can Be Deceiving–review

This is the first book in the Library Lover’s series by Jenn McKinlay. I have read the first in her Hat Shop series so I knew this would be a good book before I even opened it. It definitely didn’t disappoint! Some things in Briar Creek CT were definitely not as they appeared! 😉 An awesome start to a currently 7 book series.

My Goodreads review:

Books Can Be Deceiving (Library Lover's Mystery, #1)Books Can Be Deceiving by Jenn McKinlay

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had been wanting to start reading this series for awhile so when another book club online chose it as their discussion for March, I was happy to start reading it. I like settings in libraries and bookstores anyway so I devoured this book (a little slower than usual since real life kept interrupting lol).

Lindsey Norris was happily working as the director of the Briar Creek Library in Briar Creek CT. Her best friend Beth worked with her as the children’s librarian. Despite a grumpy employee named Ms. Cole, the library ran smoothly and life was pretty good. That is until Beth’s long time boyfriend Rick broke up with her very suddenly and the next thing we knew, Lindsey, Beth and their friend Sully (Capt. Mike Sullivan, a boat captain) found Rick dead in his island home.

Since all fingers seemed to point to Beth as the main suspect, Lindsey took it on herself to investigate–along with a little help from Sully and Beth. Surprisingly, they found that Rick was not everything he claimed to be. There was a great plot twist towards the end and at that point, I was really not wanting any interruptions!

This was a great cast of characters, well with the exception of the grumpy library worker. I loved the idea of them having a crafternoon–a book club discussion along with doing their knitting projects. It was so funny that when Lindsey was coming to a difficult part of her knitting (she only learned so she’d be able to meet with them) she would suddenly become very scholarly about the book and pretty hilarious when they all called her on it. I’d love to see an in-person cozy mystery book club do something like that.

Milton, the 80 something year old yoga expert was such a nice guy! I really liked him a lot and I hope he’s in the rest of these books. He was the library board president among other local volunteer things he did. He made me think of one of my favorite actors, Dick Van Dyke in his Dr. Sloane character, an all around nice friend to have.

Nancy was such a sweet lady to kind of take Lindsey under her wing since her parents lived in another state, as well as be a good landlord and friend to her. The other ladies in the crafternoon group were fun too. And there was Beth. Everyone needs a best friend like her!

I had sort of guessed the killer but I sure didn’t guess the twist that came later and the reasoning behind it all. There were some fun and handy things at the back of the book: Tips on how to hold a crafternoon group, a book guide to a book they were reading, Sully’s yummy hot cocoa and Mary’s clam chowder. There was also a short preview for the next book which I already know I’m going to read!

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