A Charming Crime–review

This is the first book in the Magical Cures, a long running series that still continues, by Tonya Kappes. I’ve loved reading her Kenni Lowry series so I knew this one would be very good. It features magical characters so it’s a little like reading Harry Potter except so far no one has done any spells. They just sell magical type items in their shops. I could just picture this cute little village! Here’s my Goodreads review on it:

A Charming Crime (Magical Cure Mystery, #1)A Charming Crime by Tonya Kappes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m so glad one of the book clubs I’m in chose this for their March book. It was absolutely so good and very hard to put down at times!

June Heal was happy living in Locust Grove KY and being a homeopathic remedies expert. She made the remedies and sold them at the flea market. One day she was visited by a mysterious woman who along with her lifelong friend Oscar convinced her that nearby Whispering Falls would be a perfect place to open up a shop for her cures. It all sounds perfect until one of the women in that village is found dead holding June’s favorite bracelet that she’d lost.

Oscar, who had gotten a job as the police at Whispering Falls was suddenly having to look at June as the only suspect so of course he couldn’t help her investigate. June was determined to find out who offed awful Ann but at what cost, hopefully not at the loss of her own life!

Wow things happened so fast for June! A woman named Izzy talked her into moving, her best friend got a job in that same town and very conveniently her house sold for a great price. I’m not sure what I would have done in June’s place but Whispering Falls did seem like a really intriguing place and the shops were all so different and interesting. Even though it was a village for magical folks, regular tourists would come and buy cures, jewelry, get facials etc. from the different shop owners. I loved that the pet adoption store had a real tree growing in the center. All the pets seemed really happy there while they waited for their new homes.

I was going back and forth over who the killer might be but at one point I nailed it although as usual, the complete why escaped me. I always love when the sleuth has the presence of mind to record the perp’s confession. Some other fun things happened at the end of the book as well so I’m anxious to continue reading this series and find out more about June and Oscar’s families and if those two ever become more than just very good friends. For now it’s just fun getting to know the different town members and see how this town operates.

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