Dead in the Water–review

Here’s the first book in what I think is already a great new series and I haven’t even read the other two books yet. The series is Scarlet Cove and one of the authors is Agatha Frost, well-known for her Peridale series along with her friend Evelyn Amber. I love that the main sleuth is just a little bit older than the usual 20s-30 somethings, she’s 42, a retired police officer and yes that’s a beagle picture up above because she gets to adopt a sweet beagle.

My Goodreads review:
Dead in the Water (Scarlet Cove #1)Dead in the Water by Agatha Frost

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an awesome, well-written beginning for a new series! I really enjoyed this story of a retired (well, a young retiree at age 42) police officer named Liz Jones who had recently lost her husband and decided to start her life over in Scarlet Cove on England’s south coast.

I knew I was going to love her new friend Nancy the moment they met. Nancy was just the type of person anyone would like to have for a friend: happy, always matchmaking and as everyone else in Scarlet Cove, loved gossip.

When the town’s head fisherman was found dead by Liz one day, Liz got a gut feeling it wasn’t just an accident like everyone had said. Frank had liked drinking a little to much so it was easy to put off as an accident. Liz’s detective training just can’t help but kick in.

Along the way she met some new and interesting people, asked a lot of questions, had some fun in the meantime. After finding yet another body, the cases were eventually cracked. Oh, and I loved how she adopted the fisherman’s little beagle, Paddy, that was going to be sent to a shelter.

This had a good and happy ending for most of the people in the story and I am so anxious to read the next installment!

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