The Christie Curse–review

This book is the first in the Book Collector series written by Victoria Abbott, a mom and daughter team (mom being Mary Jane Maffini who has also written the Charlotte Adams organizing series). I could hardly put this book down and I wished it didn’t have to end!

My Goodreads review:

The Christie Curse (Book Collector Mystery #1)The Christie Curse by Victoria Abbott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my goodness, why I waited so long to read this amazing book is beyond me! I could barely put it down, it was that good. I’m so glad one of the Facebook book clubs I’m in decided on this book or it would still be sitting in my TBR stack, I’m afraid. So many books, so little time as we all say!

Jordan Bingham has gotten a job with grumpy old Vera Van Alt as her personal researcher of a possibly non-existent Agatha Christie manuscript that was supposedly written when the author was missing for over a week in 1926. With her well-connected and skating-under-the-radar Irish uncles looking out for her, she starts to investigate the mysterious death of her predecessor who was researching this same thing. She found it hard to believe that he hadn’t left any notes on what he was doing.

This book just had such a great overall tone to it. No one was who they seemed to be, or were they? I was suspecting everyone at one point! And I was very surprised at the reveal although part of it I had had suspicions.

It was so classic in so many ways from the big spooky mansion Jordan was now living in to all the characters, which could have been right out of Clue or an actual Agatha Christie book. Jordan’s shining hope through all her sessions with her cranky boss and investigations was her good friend Tiff, who was a nurse working in Alaska. Her local friend, handsome librarian Lance was there to help her as well. A local police officer, Tyler Dekker, always seemed to be around but Jordan who because of who her family was, was always a little wary of the police– was he friend or foe, posing as police or really a protector?

I got such a kick out of her various uncles and how she could call on them to do just about anything for her. They really doted on her and I thought it was sweet that the main two uncles she visited had taken in a Pug that belonged to a book seller who had ended up in the hospital. They were enjoying spoiling that little guy whose name was Walter.

Now I can’t wait for the discussion on this book and to hear what my book friends all have to say about it. I also can’t wait to read the next one in line.

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