Deserts, Driving and Derelicts–review

This is the second book in the Campers and Criminals series by well-known author Tonya Kappes. I always love her quirky Southern characters and the down home charm they always bring to the stories she writes. Mae and her friends are quickly becoming some of my favorite Southern characters.

My Goodreads review:

This was another super fun visit to Happy Trails Campground in Normal, KY. I love reading about Mae and all her friends. The Laundry Club is always a lot of fun, I really like all those ladies she’s made friends with. I had absolutely no idea who the killer was, boy was I surprised.

When Mae and a wealthy woman named Tammy Jo found Tammy Jo’s dog nanny dead in her husband’s office, Tammy was jailed for the murder, but Mae knew she couldn’t have done it. Tammy might have been strange enough to have her dog Fifi cloned and have its offspring insured, but she was no killer. In the meantime, Mae’s foster brother, Bobby Ray was in town. Her friend Dottie had a bad feeling about him being there. Mae found Tammy Jo’s expensive watch that had gone missing while plumbing out Bobby’s toilet, so he was arrested for robbery–but was he the killer instead–and were Dottie’s instincts about him correct?

Everything got wrapped up in a fairly quick but very cool showdown. Bobby proved his worth then and the real killer was hauled away. Mae was finally ready for that elusive date with Ty…will it ever happen? I still think I might like Hank for her instead even though Ty is sweet. I guess we’ll just have to keep reading!

Bless Her Dead Little Heart–review

I’ve been wanting to get to this book on my TBR pile for awhile so when a Facebook group I’m in, Cozy Mystery Once a Month book club decided to read it for our January book, I was pretty happy about it. I had already read one of Miranda (Dean) James’s books, the first in the Cat in the Stacks series and loved it. This one was just as awesome!

My Goodreads review:

Bless Her Dead Little Heart (Southern Ladies Mystery, #1)Bless Her Dead Little Heart by Miranda James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Talk about your dysfunctional family! And to think that An’gel and Dickse were just minding their own business one day, babysitting their friend Charlie Harris’s cat, Diesel. That crazy day when their friend Rosabelle from college showed up on their doorstep insisting her whole family was out to kill her. Imagine their surprise when said whole family showed up!

This was a really a fun and sort of old school type mystery, really refreshing and different to have all the suspects in one house. It kind of reminded me of “And Then There Were None” as the murders started to happen.

The Ducote sisters were something else! They were almost like the ladies in the Golden Girls show only amateur sleuths. They didn’t actually do the questioning, they did more talking about the case between the two of them. I thought it was fun how sometimes they would actually come up with the same idea at different times.

I think my favorite character had to be Benjy, the stepson of Rosabelle’s son Wade. He was nineteen years old, wanted to be a veterinarian and loved animals as much as Dickse did. I loved it when Dickse and Benjy would get together and do things, sort of like the grandmother figure he never had.

I had someone pegged for the murders but it sure wasn’t the person who actually did it. Some great twists and turns to be had as well as an appearance by one of Rosabelle’s husbands who had a secret of his own going on.

I loved how this series is sort of tied into the other series by Miranda James, The Cat In the Stacks since Charlie Harris is the main character in that and the Ducote sisters are watching his cat for him. It’s always pretty comical when people see Diesel who is a large Maine coon cat and they can’t quite figure out why he’s so big. I know I’ll be reading the rest of this series eventually!

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