A Fatal Glow review

This is the second book in the Odessa Jones Mysteries by Valerie Wilson Wesley, and I like it even better than the first book. Dessa’s one of the most likable main characters I’ve met, and I just love her Aunt Phoenix, what a hoot! I thought it was sweet how Dessa let Loella’s little girl come over and bake with her. She even took the murdered guy’s teen boy under her wing for a while.

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A Fatal Glow (Odessa Jones #2)A Fatal Glow by Valerie Wilson Wesley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed Dessa’s character in the first book, and this book was even better. Dessa’s one character who’d be the most awesome friend a person could have. She’s taken the coworkers from a job she doesn’t like and turned them into her family which is probably why she feels like she can’t leave that job even though she’s not doing that great selling properties and enjoys catering much more.

What a crazy dysfunctional bunch of people Dessa got mixed up with when she agreed to take on a catering job as a favor to boss Tanya. But as always, she made the most of it, and with Harley and Louella’s help was able to pull it off…until the host died. I was never sure who to trust except for Dessa and her friends. I hadn’t guessed the killer but it made total sense once the reveal happened.

I really like it when Dessa can spend time with Lennox at the restaurant and can totally see those two being happy together someday. Until she’s ready though, I’m just glad she’s got someone like him to hang out with. Don’t miss this book when it releases next Tuesday, February 22.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by #KensingtonCozies via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.

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Dead as a Door Knocker–review

Dead as a Door Knocker (House-Flipper Mystery #1)Dead as a Door Knocker by Diane Kelly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of the cool things about this book is that just as you don’t want it to end, there’s a little sneak preview of the next book at the end! It goes right into the same time of year too. I’m so anxious to find out when that next book is coming out!

Whitney Whitaker was a carpenter and a property manager who was about to become a real estate agent and a house flipper with her cousin Buck as her partner, after her real estate agency’s biggest client offered her a house for a steal of a deal. The house quickly became a huge source of trouble, starting with Sawdust her cat finding a dead body in the flower bed. Since Whitney’s hammer was the weapon, she became the main person of interest, so she knew she had another job cut out for her: prove her own innocence or go down for something she didn’t do. Her good friend Colette and her cousin Buck for always up for adventures!

The suspenseful scene that took place before there was a showdown was pretty cool, and Sawdust got to have a major part in that–way to go, sweet kitty! When Whitney insisted on going with Det. Flynn to the showdown with the killer, she somewhat came in handy. I had another person pegged for this murder, although I’d made a random comment early in the book for no reason whatsoever of “oh, I wonder if s0-and-so did it.” There were good red herrings and secrets along the way. Now that I’ve read the little preview for the next book that comes at the end of this one, I’m probably going to be checking Amazon regularly to see when it comes to presale! Hopefully getting the author’s newsletter will take care of that though.

I just fell in love with these characters! Mr. and Mrs. Hartley were the nicest people, who wouldn’t want to have bosses just like that. Buck was a hoot and I’m wondering if he and Whit’s friend Colette might get together eventually. I loved the camaraderie of the three of them. Whit actually had a great relationship with her parents–I’m always a fan of that! They weren’t in it a lot, but they were super nice people. I’m not really a fan of the neighbor of the house they were flipping though. Patty seems like nothing but a complainer. And of course there’s Det. Flynn who is a cat person like Whitney–I really hope they get together eventually! Last but not least whatsoever, Sawdust the cat was such a sweetheart! I thought it was fun how every so often there was a one or two-page chapter coming from his view-point, third person as written, but still giving the cat’s thoughts–especially about a one-eyed mechanical demon that came to life when Whitney was gone!

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