Spirited Away–review

This is the fourth book in the Bay Island Psychic series written by Lena Gregory who is also writes the All-Day Breakfast Cafe series. I had read all three of the Bay Island books last summer and had been anxiously waiting for this one. It sure didn’t disappoint, not one bit! I just love Beast, the adorably huge Leonberger dog that Cass has–and her friend Bee’s reactions to Beast. He’s getting better, however, he still has a healthy respect for Beast, but Beast does actually listen to him…sometimes. I absolutely loved the Beast bath scene and I think you will too!

For the COYER Summer Treasure Hunt, this falls under the red item on the cover prompt.

My Goodreads review:

Spirited Away (Bay Island Psychic Mystery #4)Spirited Away by Lena Gregory

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just when I thought that this series couldn’t get any better, I find myself wishing that this book didn’t have to end! I remember doing that with the others too. I just love these characters, especially Bee. He’s such a sweetheart and a faithful friend who would do anything for Cass or Stephanie. Because of a case he was working and the murder that followed, Luke wasn’t able to spend much time with Cass, but when he did, it was nice, quality time. At least for me, the reader! They’re so cute together! I think my favorite scene though featured Bee, Beast and Cass while Cass was trying to give Beast a bath. I laughed so much while reading that part!

This book could be enjoyed as a standalone, but I really recommend reading the first three to get the maximum fun out of this series. You might just fall in love with Bay Island and its characters!

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Death at First Sight–review

This is the first book in the Bay Island Psychic series by Lena Gregory. I had read and reviewed her newest series’ All Day Breakfast Cafe first book “Scone Cold Killer” back in January and really enjoyed that one.

I’ve had this book for awhile but what helped me get kick-started into this series is that a group of twelve awesome authors known as the Cozy Mystery Crew on Facebook, have put together a Summer Reading list and a special group just for that, summer reading. Participants read (for this club anyway) only books written by the crew of twelve (a fair request, I think, it’s their club). They provided a list made on Goodreads of thirty-four books we can pick from. The best part is that if we’ve already read any of the books on the list so far this calendar year, we can count them. There will be an online party with giveaways for anyone participating. I always love an excuse to whittle away at my TBR! 😉 I might not make it through all the books on the list but I’ll give it a good try and finishing them all isn’t the authors’ goals anyway.

The picture is of a Leonbarger dog which is what Beast in the story is. I found one as close to the cover of the book as I could.

My Goodreads review:

Death at First Sight (Bay Island Psychic Mystery #1)Death at First Sight by Lena Gregory

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had a feeling I would enjoy this book and I was right–and I’m not even a psychic lol. I thought it was a fun concept that a former psychiatrist has taken on acting the part of a psychic and more times than not, she uses her intuition and training to read people than something truly mystical.

Cass Donovan was minding her own business working her own little business and helping out good friend Bee Maxwell with his upcoming fashion show rehearsals when she discovered the body of Marge, a very disagreeable woman that she’d just had a public argument with. Cass had done a reading for Marge’s daughter, Ellie and Marge was livid about it. Sheriff Langdon immediately pinned the murder on her but somehow wasn’t going to arrest her. Cass needed to get to the bottom of the case and clear her name before she ended up in jail for something she didn’t do. That’s where her two best friends, Stephanie (who happened to be married to a tough but nice officer named Tank) and Bee, the guy having the fashion show.

I really like all these main characters! Cass has two of the very best friends in the world in Steph and Bee. They’re loyal and kind, even though as a police officer’s wife, Steph feels she has to warn Cass about investigating. Bee was such a hoot, very flamboyant and dramatic as well as hilarious. I liked the newcomer to town, Luke, who seemed to have a few secrets of his own that I won’t spoil. You’ll just have to read and find out. Oh and who could forget Beast, who was very well named by Cass and her friends. He was really just a sweet puppy but he could be protecting when he needed to be.

The end twist was pretty epic. I sure never saw it coming and the whole showdown was really awesome. I never would have guessed the killer in a million years, great plot twist. Everything got explained and worked out well at the end. I have the next two books so I’m definitely going to be reading them over the course of this summer.

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