Death and a Pot of Chowder–review

This is the first book in a brand new series that launched earlier this month. I had requested the advance reader copy from NetGalley and voluntarily read and reviewed it. The series is written by Cornelia Kidd, which is the pen name for author Lea Wait who also writes the Mainely Needlepoint mysteries, which I’ve been wanting to read. I really loved this first book and hope that she’s got lots more in store for these awesome characters!

My Goodreads review:

Death and a Pot of Chowder (A Maine Murder Mystery #1)Death and a Pot of Chowder by Cornelia Kidd

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the first book in this brand new series! I love that it takes place in Maine. I have never been there but I love reading about it and hopefully will get to go someday and see some real Maine lighthouses. The author is also known as Lea Wait but I haven’t read any of her other series yet but I know I really am liking this one so far.

Anna Winslow was happily living with her husband Burt and 14 year-old-son Jake. Out of the blue, she got a letter from Izzie Jordan who said she was her half-sister. Anna was delighted to have a sister so she brought her to stay with them at Quarry Island and they really hit it off. They got their first chance at really working together when Burt’s brother Carl was found at sea but hadn’t drowned, it was murder. Since Burt had motive, means and opportunity, he was arrested for the murder. Izzie and Anna were determined to get Burt out of jail. After that they’d talked about owning a restaurant together but I thought it was really awesome on Izzie’s part to put Burt as a priority.

Izzy was really an amazing sister that anyone would be proud to have. She was generous and loyal, pitched right in when she started staying with Anna. I loved Mamie as well. She was everything you’d expect a sweet grandmother to be–she cooked, she fussed over people but she also listened.

There were a couple of side mysteries going on and I guessed one of them at least. I had the killer wrong but I wasn’t too far off. It was fun seeing how Izzie, Anna and their friend Rob, a retired detective would handle the showdown. Everything wrapped up really well. There was one interesting clue that wasn’t addressed, as in someone said oh yeah, that’s why that was. I don’t want to say what it was but it had to do with Burt’s tablet. That clue told me part of what I guessed.

I think it’s so cool that two sisters found each other and worked together to solve a murder. Now they want to be business partners and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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Clammed Up–review

This is the first book in the poplar Maine Clambake, written by Maine native, Barbara Ross. I was so glad to have a nudge in getting this series started. Another book club I’m in on Facebook is discussing the book this weekend. Now I know why people are so crazy about this series!

My Goodreads review:

Clammed Up (A Maine Clambake Mystery, #1)Clammed Up by Barbara Ross

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I finally got to start this series that I’ve been collecting and I really enjoyed this first book! I’m definitely looking forward to reading the rest. I probably won’t be caught up by the time the latest one comes out, but at least I have a start at it!

Julia Snowden quit her job in Manhattan to come home and help her brother-in-law Sonny salvage the Snowden Family Clambake in Busman’s Harbor, Maine. Her dad had passed five years ago but she found out after living with her mom after she got back, that she hadn’t really gotten over it too well. The new clambake season was just getting started with a clambake for a wedding when the body of the best man was found hanging in the mansion that stood on the island. Later, after being allowed to open in a day, a fire had started on the mansion’s porch so they were closed again. Since the business was already on shaky ground and the police couldn’t tell her when they’d be back open, Julia took it on herself to start investigating and hopefully find out who killed Ray the best man. If she couldn’t do that soon, she had a feeling that the clambake would have to close for good.

I really enjoyed getting to know all these characters! I think one of my favorites was Gus, the owner of the local diner who only allowed locals in. It didn’t seem like a very profitable way to do business but I guess that was just Gus. He didn’t have a lot to say but when he did, what he said was meaningful. I wasn’t sure if I liked the character of Sonny or not (he’s married to Livvie, Julia’s sister) but by the end of the book, he did seem like a more friendly and likable person. Some people in this mystery weren’t what they seemed to be at all as I found out towards the end which was pretty exciting. Everything was well-explained since it ended with a special clambake for all the local friends and police.

I’ll definitely be reading the rest of the series!

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