Laid Out in Lavender review

This is the third (and to me, so far the best) in the Garlic Farm series by Gin Jones. I’ve really come to enjoy these characters and setting. The way Mabel has grown, changed a little and actually made friends was the biggest thing of all. I like that she now considers Rory and Emily her besties, because I know they’d do anything for her as well. They’ve already done something amazing by changing a girl who seemed like a robot or computer at first into a human who actually cares about others and cute little animals now.

My Goodreads review:

Laid Out in LavenderLaid Out in Lavender by Gin Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series just keeps getting better! Mabel is still her very methodical self which I think makes for quite a bit of repeating in the story which iis like she’s turning things over in her mind. She’d teamed up with neighbor Emily who was going into the catering business after her nasty divorce, and the two were going to host weddings on the farm. Easier said than done!

I had an idea early on of someone not to trust, but I wasn’t totally sure about whodunit until the very end. The showdown was great with Pixie and a barn cat getting to have an important part in it. I really liked that Mabel concentrated on the farm this time. She wasn’t interrupted by her tech job boss or having to worry about any deadlines, since I know last time she told him not to send anything her way.

It was sort of refreshing to have that break from her old life. I think she really came to an epiphany in this book about a lot of things (including finally hiring a farm manager) as she became more and more human and less like a machine, at least to me she did. I don’t think Mabel in the first book would have defended her barn cat Jonesy like she did in this. And she definitely wouldn’t have gone to someone deliberately for a comfort hug. I’m so glad I stuck with the series after getting over my original annoyances with Mabel lol. I can say with enthusiasm that I’m very anxious for the next book! (Maybe she’ll finally give Charlie a chance at a real date!)

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