Mentioning this for 18 Cinema Lane…

Aside from loving cozy mystery books, I like a good movie, but I find myself mostly liking Hallmark movies, and especially this time of year, I love the mysteries! If you haven’t checked out 18 Cinema Lane’s blog yet, and you love Hallmark movies, you should get in on this voting. Here’s the link for Round 2 of the Gold Sally Awards.

I’m a big fan of When Calls the Heart on Hallmark Channel and just found this cool link on the blog, Sunset Over Hope Valley The blog author is going to do recaps for this whole season which should be very cool! Since the first episode actually has already aired on Christmas Day 2018, you can read all about it there, although if you’re not to Season 5 yet, you might want to hold off, because this episode contains spoilers you may not have seen yet. With social media, it’s seriously hard not to know what’s going on, even if you’re still on Season 3, but I just wanted to let you know you should be caught up if you want to read about Season 5, episode 1.

Scroll around 18 Cinema Lane’s blog and maybe you’ll want to follow it too! There are other movies mentioned besides Hallmark, I’m just a big fan of the big H Channel.

When Calls the Heart starts Season 5 this coming Sunday! Who’s excited? Me!