Christmas Card Murder review

I’m always anxious every year to read the set of three short Christmas stories usually led off by a Lucy Stone mystery. It was #26.5 for Lucy Stone series by Leslie Meier, #13.5 for the Hayley Powell series by Lee Hollis and #6.5 for Knit and Nibble series by Peggy Ehrhart.

My Goodreads review:

Christmas Card Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery, #26.5)Christmas Card Murder by Leslie Meier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

These compiled short stories are always so much fun in getting a sampling from some fave authors. They always focus on a central theme, this one being of course, Christmas cards. There wasn’t an actual murder in this book, but there was a death. Lucy’s always like a dog with a bone when she’s on a case, and it’s always sweet when Miss Tilley can get involved and help out with her wide knowledge of people, since she’s the town’s oldest resident.

In the Hayley Powell short story, we got to know Sal’s wife a little bit better. I’m pretty sure she’s never been in the story this much. There was definitely a murder, and Hayley, Money and Rosana were each worried their sweeties might be the killer. I was a touch suspicious of someone but still a little surprised at the ending which was a really good showdown.

It was really fun reading about a craft show in the Knit and Nibble short story, since I’m not doing any for the foreseeable future. The next best thing of course, is to read about them. Pamela’s daughter’s favorite high school teacher was killed, and in her sleuthing, Pamela found out secrets that could be worth killing for. I loved how the showdown was set up in this short story.

Some great Christmas season reading, and I always look forward to this compilation usually led by a Lucy Stone mystery.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher, and my opinions are my own.

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A Gift of Bones–review

This is the nineteenth book in the Sarah Booth Delaney series by Carolyn Haines, but it was my first-ever book to read in the series. I liked it so much that it won’t be my last! I’d love to start from the beginning. I love Christmas books any time of the year, and this one was still in the new books section at my library practically begging me to borrow it. Yep, books have been known to talk to me. 😉

My Goodreads review:

A Gift of Bones (Sarah Booth Delaney, #19)A Gift of Bones by Carolyn Haines

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It definitely doesn’t have to be Christmastime to enjoy an awesome book set at Christmas. I had picked this one up at the library, because I’d seen different people online had read and liked it. Even though I had never read any of the previous books, I wasn’t a bit lost. And it didn’t take me long at all to get to know the characters and feel like they were good friends. It definitely made me want to start reading this series from the beginning, so that I can savor all the fun, humor and Coleman-history moments!

Christmas miracles can definitely happen as readers will see when for one, Zinnia, Mississippi gets its first-in-a-long-time Christmas snow, siblings get reunited and a sick little baby receives care he needs. I loved this whole mystery and even though there wasn’t a murder, I was so caught up in trying to figure things out, that I almost didn’t notice. Once a few clues were dropped, I had an idea of what was going on, but not the person who was in control of all this.

I was laughing as I was reading about the Christmas pageant that Coleman, sheriff and Sarah’s boyfriend, was describing to her as they drove home after the case was solved and the perp taken away. The flying baby Jesus doll had to be hysterical! I love this author’s style and sense of humor, and it will be my extreme pleasure to read more in this series!

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Freshly Ground Murder–review

This is the third book in the Killer Coffee series by well-known author, Tonya Kappes. She has quite a few series she’s written, and they all take place in a small town in Kentucky, which I just love reading about. Her style is relaxed and lots of fun. This book made it feel like Christmas in August! (minus the snow, not ready for that yet!)

My Goodreads review:

Freshly Ground Murder (Killer Coffee #3)Freshly Ground Murder by Tonya Kappes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was such a good Christmas mystery! I could just picture this sweet little town at Christmas with a big tree and Patrick being Santa Claus. I just love visiting Honey Springs, KY! They sure know how to do Christmas right.

The town of Honey Springs was getting ready for the Christmas festival. At the official town tree lighting ceremony, a pair of feet and legs were sticking out from under the big tree. One of their own townspeople had been killed and placed under that tree. The lawyer in Roxy couldn’t help once more being part of the investigation, even though Spencer, the sheriff, wasn’t crazy about her interfering. This time when an attempt was made on her life, she backed off. Thanks to someone else, the police were informed, the arrest was made and Christmas continued as planned.

I really enjoy all these characters and it was pretty exciting that the series is going to have a couple of new characters as well. I always get a kick out of shop employee Bunny and Aunt Maxi fussing with each other–they’re really friends, but they like to pick at each other sometimes. Emily, the girl who was working for Roxy in the last book, got some really good news which made me happy too. I hope the next book is set in the spring and that it includes a wedding!

I didn’t pick out the killer till close to the end and I believe it was probably when we were supposed to be putting the clues together anyway. It was a great twist that really surprised me. I’m anxiously waiting for the next in this series and I can’t wait to attend the book discussion on this book!

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