A Dark and Snowy Night review

This is the sixteenth book in the Seaside Knitting Society (formerly known as Seaside Knitters when they were with another publisher) written by Sally Goldenbaum. I’ve loved every one of these that I’ve read and I’m nowhere near being caught up, but for some reason I can’t resist getting the newest ARC when it’s available. #NetGalley  This group of friends is definitely a bunch of ladies I could get along well with, especially their love of awesome food and camaraderie. I’d be worse than Cass at knitting but knowing me, I’d try it, lol.

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My Goodreads review:

 A Dark and Snowy Night (Seaside Knitters, #16)A Dark and Snowy Night by Sally Goldenbaum
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s always super enjoyable to join this group of four friends who’re basically like sisters of various ages. I love how they gather to talk about the case at hand and compare sleuthing notes while they’re knitting or talking. Their guys are pretty incredible too, and I love Cass’s description of having Ben, a retired lawyer by your side if you need to talk to the police (probably not the exact quote): “It’s like taking your favorite teddy bear to the principal’s office.”

The more I got into the book, I had a feeling I knew whodunit and was right. Toward the end with more clues coming together was when I guessed what else was going on in a couple of mixed-up people’s lives. Izzy’s a real champ at calling and getting info from people, lol.

The side story with town curmudgeon-but-brought-cookies lady Luna was really good! She was one lady you didn’t wanna cross, yet she had some incredible patience going on with new knitters or just anyone who needed her. She was one of those surprising and interesting characters that crop up in books sometimes. I wouldn’t mind her popping in again–she’s a real character!

As sideways as the showdown could’ve gone, at least it didn’t and Nell was able to calmly talk with the involved. I love how everything’s always explained over fellowship and food and the end! It’s like their supreme reward for having another killer put away. I always leave one of these books wishing I didn’t have to and with the proverbial book hangover. Don’t miss its release on September 27! When there’s not a murder in Sea Harbor, it’s pretty darn magical at Christmastime!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by Kensington Cozies via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.

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