Pleading the Fish review

This is the seventh (and sadly the last) book in the Seaside Café series by Bree Baker who’s also known as Julie Anne Lindsey, Julie Chase and Jacqueline Frost in the other cozy mysteries she’s written. She did the best/innovative ending for a series that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. If you’ve followed the whole series like I’ve done, you’re gonna want some tissues for the very last parts. One part in particular got me, but as I said in the GR review, a book cry always equals a good thing!

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My Goodreads review:

Pleading the Fish (Seaside Café Mysteries, #7)Pleading the Fish by Bree Baker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I knew going into this book I was eagerly waiting for it but dreading when it was over. The way the author gave this series its sendoff was just amazing and so perfect! I absolutely loved the ending and I’m not gonna lie, there was a LOT of eye leakage at one point, but hey it’s beloved series and having a good book cry is perfectly fine. I know I can revisit the series anytime I want simply by reading it again.

Everly got into a real pickle this time when hunting down the killer. The showdown was epic and so cool that her self-defense training with Grady came in handy. There was a side story involving Amelia and some good news she’d gotten as well as the aunts who were at first avoiding some guy they thought was stalking Clara. But that turned out as good news as well.

I’ve never read the total ending of a series that I liked as well as this one! As I said before, it was absolutely perfect! I’m not going to give away one little clue ’cause you’ll need to read it to really appreciate it! I may have picked up the ARC for this book so I could read it sooner, but I’m definitely buying the Amazon digital version of it too. It’s that worth it!

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