The Cure for What Ales You review

This is the fifth book in the Sloan Krause series by Ellie Alexander who’s also the author of the Bakeshop series. Under her pen name of Kate Dyer-Seeley, she’s written some equally awesome cozy mysteries.

The way the Sloan Krause series played out with the side mystery thread that was progressing a little in each book made me think of her Pacific Northwest series that ended after six books. I’m hoping she doesn’t have any plans to end Sloan soon, but as I said in my GR review, the ending was really awesome and if it was the last book, it’d be a perfect ending (maybe not THE perfect ending). But as a reader, I definitely would love to read more about Sloan and her friends. 

My Goodreads review:

The Cure for What Ales You (Sloan Krause, #5)The Cure for What Ales You by Ellie Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, this was an awesome and suspense-filled book that pretty much brought all the other books together as far as answers Sloan had been looking for. I don’t want to say too much or take a chance spoiling something, so all I’ll say is, don’t miss this one! But do read the other books first! I feel like that’s really imperative with a series like this because each book builds a little on the one before it even though the main murders were always solved. I really, really hope this isn’t the last book, but if it was, I think the ending was perfect.

The search for an elusive killer was what most of the book was spent doing along with a short search for someone else close to Sloan. And this was all happening in the middle of a super busy Maifest. The comic relief of course, was always April, the hugely-overboard cheerleader for the town that no one really wanted to claim as its official representative, lol. But anyone would admit she did have the town’s best interests at heart however extreme or weird her requests were! There was a scene before the parade that just cracked me up! And it was only where April was mentioned.

You might need a tissue for the last few pages of the book, but it’s the happy kind of eye leakage. Whatever happens next and if there’s another book, I’m always eager to read it!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.

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4 thoughts on “The Cure for What Ales You review”

  1. I didn’t realize that Ellie Alexander had another pen name! I find it a bit hard to keep track of everyone’s pen names, but I suppose that’s the point of one (says the blogger using the penname Mint!)


    1. Yup, I think I learned that several years ago when she was a guest at a Facebook book club discussion for one of her Pacific Northwest books. Yes, there’s lots of others to keep track of, and if I find a newish author in NetGalley, I usually Google the name and sometimes get a cool surprise of what their pen name is. 🙂

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