The Glitter End review

This is the third book in the Stationery Shop series by Vivian Conroy who’s written several other cozy mystery series that I hope to explore (especially the one with the dachshund on the cover!) I’ve enjoyed this series since the beginning and have liked each book a little more than the one before it. The character relationships are good but still growing. I love how close Delta and her Gran are and hope they can soon find a house to own together-although she does worry that Hazel might feel bad whenever that happens, since Delta lives in Hazel’s place until she and Gran can find something. I got a kick out of the side story of Delta worrying if Jonas was involved with someone else who happened to be a dog training friend.

My Goodreads review:

The Glitter EndThe Glitter End by Vivian Conroy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It was good to catch up with Hazel, Delta, Gran and all their friends in the Paper Posse in this mystery where just about anyone could’ve been a suspect. I was particularly interested to see if Delta and Jonas’s relationship would progress a little and was happy with what I read. Gran was looking to have a chance at the same type of happiness, so that’ll be interesting to see if it’s continued through the next book. Even Hazel might’ve been warming up a bit to Ray who seems like a puppy only wanting to make her happy, lol.

I wouldn’t have guessed the killer at all until later in the book, but someone who helped with the showdown was more of a surprise for me (in a good way). I don’t want say a whole lot for fear of ruining something for readers. Despite the mystery seeming to go slowly in some spots (as in, no progress seemed to be made on the case), it was still very much worth reading. I was curious throughout to see if two different incidents were connected, but you’ll have to read it yourself to see what those were. This book releases in eight days on September 28, 2021.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.

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