Partners in Lime review

This is the sixth and second to last book in the Seaside Cafe series by Bree Baker that I’ve really enjoyed so much! Bree is another pen name for Julie Anne Lindsey who’s now writing the Cider Shop mysteries. She has lots more under her belt, so definitely check out her bio links.

Julie wrote as Julie Chase when she wrote the four-book Kitty Couture series that went from 2016-2019. Julie featured a fun crossover with a couple of the Kitty Couture characters in her most recent Cider Shop mystery. I love it when authors do that! I’m sad to see Seaside Cafe winding to an end, but I honestly believe that by the time the next book comes out, she’ll have well-told the tale of Grady and Everly. I’m gonna find it very hard to wait until March 29, 2022!

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Partners in Lime: A Beachfront Cozy Mystery (Seaside Café Mysteries Book 6)Partners in Lime: A Beachfront Cozy Mystery by Bree Baker
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When Everly’s EMT friend Matt was accused of murder, she got a little protective of him to the point that Grady may have been a touch jealous. But no worries, Grady, that girl is crazy about you! Everly had to deal with not only a murder, but the stress that having what she saw as a competitor recently open up in the form of a fancy tea room. I think she must’ve gotten more death threats this time than usual too! I think that’d tend to stress even the calmest of people!

I loved the gift that Everly got from Aunt Fran who sometimes came off as trying to be all tough, but she loved her niece just as much as softie Clara did. Ryan was planning something epic for Amelia, but Everly was a little busy chasing a killer to give him as much help as she’d have liked. I had a feeling at one point who the killer was. The showdown was kind of a nail biter, then something really crazy happened. I’m thinking in the next book that things are gonna get extra sweet for Grady and Everly…and I can ‘t wait!

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2 thoughts on “Partners in Lime review”

  1. I’ve seen this book all over Bookstagram! I’m glad to hear that it was a good read. I never thought about cozy mystery crossovers before but I’m here for them!


    1. They’re totally fun. Maybe when this series ends after the next book, she’ll let the characters come visit the Cider Shop characters like the Kitty Couture ones did 🙂


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