No Grater Crime review

This is the ninth book in the Country Store series by Maddie Day who’s actually Edith Maxwell. She writes the Country Store and Cozy Capers Book Group under the Maddie Day name. I can’t believe Robbie and her friends have had nine adventures so far. It seems like I just started reading them, but it was actually in 2017 that I was really getting into cozy mysteries and had discovered this series.  I always loved Adele’s friend Vera, and we got to have a visit from her in this book.

This book to me was so well-done that it had that first magic that drew me into the series from the beginning. I got that same warm feeling reading it that I did when I first met Robbie and crew. I enjoyed reading acknowledgements in a book to find out if some of the characters were named for real people or if real places were used. I was happy to find out there was a little of both again in this book. It’s just fun when authors do that if they happen to be friends with the people or had a great meal somewhere.

My Goodreads review:

No Grater Crime (A Country Store Mystery Book 9)No Grater Crime by Maddie Day
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so pleased with this latest installment of the series! For some reason, the last couple or so hadn’t been the same to me as always, but this book was right on point and took me back to the reason I fell in love with this series in the very first book.

Wow what a wild mystery! I’d have been so mad at that darn woman opening up a food truck in front of my place if I was Robbie. She has much better control than I do, lol. Although with Robbie’s past track record, she does have to tread lightly or look like a killer. I had to giggle when she said she was trying harder not to do too-stupid-to-live moves. I do recall a few of those she’s had in the past, lol. But she’s definitely learned a lot over the past nine books! Now if only that darn phone of hers wouldn’t sprout legs and run back to her car! 😉

I had a feeling of who was behind everything, but to me the fun of the whole thing was proving it and finding out the why and who else might’ve been involved. There was one small sad moment, then there’s another moment you might want a tissue or two, but for a very happy occasion!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.

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