The Diva Serves Forbidden Fruit review

It’s hard to believe this is the fourteenth book in the Domestic Diva series by Krista Davis. Sophie’s been dishing out (pun intended or not, you decide!) kitchen and decorating wisdom for a lot of years now. She let herself be talked into running the DIY Festival in Old Town, which made for a great mystery setting, especially with all the old houses on the streets where the vendors were. I always love the camaraderie with Sophie, Nina, Bernie, Francie and yep, even Mars. He’s changed a lot since that very first book! Once I settle in for a trip to Old Town, I end up not wanting to leave! The real Old Town is definitely on my future travel bucket list.

My Goodreads review:

The Diva Serves Forbidden Fruit (A Domestic Diva Mystery Book 14)The Diva Serves Forbidden Fruit by Krista Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As with all Sophie Winston mysteries, I get pulled in from the very start. I mean what book that starts with Nina coming home from the airport with no shoes could possibly not compel someone to keep reading, right? Nina always has a great story. I just love her character, and she always cracks me up without being haha funny, if that makes sense. The sweet little dog she was fostering this time seemed to be a little more special to her than others too.

Boy, the Eades family that Sophie met at the DIY Festival was a dysfunctional nightmare if you didn’t count Paisley and the little boys. Frank and his mom were a piece of work times infinity! This is another author who does an awesome job of either making you like/love a character or despise the ground they walk on. At first Paisley’s kids seemed like just another brood of brats, but I really took to Tommy, the oldest. I guess he made me think a little of young Sheldon with his intelligence and sensitivity. Sophie was so sweet and kind to him. But Paisley was a very good mom despite the being she was married to, or I’d have been pulling for Sophie to foster the kid.

I’d started getting a little suspicious of whoalldunit (like that one?) thinking it could be a group or couple of people. Everything seemed connected to Nina’s trip to Portugal, questions and secrets surrounded a woman on their trip who was killed when she got home, and there were just suspects coming out of the woodwork. The showdown was great and a good team effort as well! The wrap-up as always was stellar. And the last few paragraphs were just so fitting and sweet–it made for a perfect ending!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.

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