Apocalypse Meow by Zara Keane review

This is the seventh book in the Movie Club Mysteries series by Zara Keane. It quickly became a favorite series. If anyone’s familiar with the series, in the last book, Lenny and Maggie had to deal with a very rambunctious cat named Quibbles that summer who’d since had some fame when he got credit for solving the murder. After losing a contract during a hysterically funny video call, Lenny and Maggie agreed to be bodyguards for Quibbles in a cat contest. And it was all hilariously downhill after that. Catch yourself up in the series, because you won’t want to miss this new release coming tomorrow, May 25!

My Goodreads review:

Apocalypse Meow (Movie Club Mysteries, #7)Apocalypse Meow by Zara Keane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely love this series and was really craving more of it when I found out the latest was coming out tomorrow. I always know when Lenny’s on the case with Movie Reel Investigations, laughs are guaranteed. In fact, the laughs started before the first chapter even ended, and it kept going from there. Maggie’s usually good for some good scenes too. When they found themselves in a rundown hotel run by Maggie’s cousin Angel, for some reason, I liked Angel immediately.

With a storm raging outside, a power outage and the bodies piling up, Maggie and Lenny had their hands full, since Liam hadn’t quite made it to the hotel yet. I had an idea early on of who might be the killer, but I had no idea why. It was just a gut feeling. As everything was revealed in a hilarious showdown, I felt relief for everyone who wasn’t guilty and could finally get out of the worse-than-Batels Motel.

The ending wrapped everything up neatly, there’s no other word for it but awesome. I knew I liked that Angel!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book, and my opinions are my own.

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