2021 NetGalley/Edelweiss Reading Challenge

Now for the wrap-up! At the end of November, I ended up with 105, but I’m planning to keep track through December. This fulfills my challenge of Platinum 75 though.


A Wicked Yarn—Emmie Caldwell
2. Grounds for Murder—Tara Lush
3. A Deadly Edition—Victoria Gilbert
4. Rhubarb Pie Before You Die—Gin Jones
5. A Murder Between the Pages—Amy Lillard
6. Bait and Witch—Angela M. Sanders
7. A Catered Book Club Murder—Isis Crawford
8. The Broken Spine—Dorothy St. James
9. A Curious Incident—Vicki Delany
10. One Poison Pie—Lynn Cahoon
11. Hope, Faith and a Corpse—Laura Jensen Walker
12. A Tourist’s Guide to Murder—V.M. Burns

1. Ink and Shadows—Ellery Adams
2. Irish Parade Murder—Leslie Meier
3. A Glimmer of Death—Valerie Wilson Wesley
4. Murder with a View—Diane Kelly
5. Farm to Trouble—Amanda Flower
6. Murder at the Beacon Bakeshop—Darci Hannah
7. Long Island Iced Tina—Maria DiRico

1. A Game of Cones—Abby Collette
2. Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder—Joanne Fluke
3. Death by Chocolate Snickerdoodle—Sarah Graves
4. A Deadly Chapter—Essie Lang
5. Murder by Page One—Olivia Matthews
6. Bodies and Bows—Elizabeth Penney

1. Under the Cover of Murder—Lauren Elliott
2. Fresh Brewed Murder—Emmaline Duncan
3. Mrs. Morris and the Sorceress—Traci Wilton
4. Poppy Harmon & the Pillow Talk Killer—Lee Hollis
5. Death at the Salon—Louise R. Innes
6. Laid Out in Lavender—Gin Jones
7. A Tale of Two Cookies—Eve Calder
8. Lemon Drop Dead—Amanda Flower
9. Whole Latte Murder—Lena Gregory
10. Murder in the Cookbook Nook—Ellery Adams
11. Wining and Dying—Daryl Wood Gerber

1. Punning with Scissors—Becky Clark
2. A Trail of Lies—Kylie Logan
3. Deadly Ever After—Eva Gates
4. Peaches and Schemes—Anna Gerard

1. Ruby Red Herring—Tracy Gardner
2. Deadly Delights—Lauren Jensen Walker
3. Reserved for Murder—Victoria Gilbert
4. The Time for Murder Is Meow—T.C. LoTempio
5. A Glimmer of a Clue—Daryl Wood Gerber
6. Beauty Expos Are Murder—Libby Klein
7. Draw & Order—Cheryl Hollon
8. Death of an Italian Chef—Lee Hollis

1. Murder at the Lakeside Library—Holly Danvers
2. Dogged by Death—Laura Scott
3. A Hex for Danger—Esme Addison
4. Midnight Spells Murder—Mary Angela
5. A Spirit Seeks Asylum—Lena Gregory
6. Fatal Family Ties—S.C. Perkins
7. Murder in a Teacup—Vicki Delany
8. The Rocky Road to Ruin—Meri Allen
9. Two Wicked Desserts—Lynn Cahoon
10. Much Ado About Nauticaling—Gabby Allan
11. The Cider Shop Rules—Julie Anne Lindsey
12. The Chocolate Raccoon Rigmarole—JoAnna Carl
13. A Time to Swill—Sherry Harris

1. Murder, She Edited—Kaitlyn Dunnett
2. A Scone of Contention—Lucy Burdette
3. One for the Hooks—Betty Hechtman
4. Cajun Kiss of Death—Ellen Byron
5. Danger at the Cove—Hannah Dennison
6. Hemlock for the Holidays—Paula Darnell
7. The Secret Staircase—Sheila Connolly
8. No Grater Crime—Maddie Day
9. Mrs. Morris and the Vampire—Traci Wilton
10. Seven Year Witch—Angela M. Sanders
11. Halloween Party—Meier, Hollis, Ross
12. Be My Ghost—Carol J. Perry
13. Partners in Lime—Bree Baker

1. Reading Between the Crimes—Kate Young
2. A Perfect Bind—Dorothy St. James
3. The Glitter End—Vivian Conroy
4. Here Comes the Fudge—Nancy Coco
5. Death at Holly Lodge—Louise R. Innes
6. Murder at the Christmas Cookie Bake-Off—Darci Hannah
7. The Corpse in the Gazebo—Debra Sennefelder
8. Chapter and Curse—Elizabeth Penney
9. Murder Outside the Lines—Krista Davis

1. The Cure for What Ales You—Ellie Alexander
2. Well-Offed in Vermont—Amy Patricia Meade
3. Once Upon a Seaside Murder—Maggie Blackburn
4. Slashing Through the Snow—Jacqueline Frost
5. Digging Up Trouble—Kitt Crowe
6. A Brush with Murder—Bailee Abbott
7. In Hot Water—Kate Kingsbury
8. Mistletoe Cake Murder—Lena Gregory
9. Have a Holly, Haunted Christmas—Lynn Cahoon
10. Strangers on a Skein—Anne Canadeo
11. Deck the Donuts—Ginger Bolton
12. To the Tome of Murder—Lauren Elliott
13. The Enemy You Gnocchi—Catherine Bruns
14. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder—Maria DiRico

November—8 105 to date
1. Getaway with Murder—Diane Kelly
2. Christmas Dessert Murder—Joanne Fluke
3. An Eggnog to Die For—Amy Pershing
4. Short-Circuited in Charlotte—Amy Patricia Meade
5. Fatal Solutions—Becky Clark
6. Death on the Shelf—Allison Brook
7. Claret and Present Danger—Sarah Fox
8. Killer Words—V.M. Burns

1. A Murder Like No Author—Amy Lillard
2. Murder at the Lobstah Shack—Maddie Day
3. A Plus One for Murder—Laura Bradford
4. Big Trouble in Little Greektown—Kate Spencer
5. Bear a Wee Grudge—Meg Macy
6. Christmas Candy Corpse—Rosemarie Ross
7. Murder at the Bake Sale—Lee Hollis
8. Beauty and the Deceased—Debra Sennefelder
9. Renewed for Murder—Victoria Gilbert
10. Cold Brew Corpse—Tara Lush
11. How to Book a Murder—Cynthia Kuhn
12. Jane Darrowfield and the Madwoman Next Door—Barbara Ros
13. Witch Trial—Cate Conte

This year, Yvonne from from Socrates’ Book Reviews is taking over this challenge from Tina (thanks for being an awesome host in the past, Tina!). If you want to sign up, it’s Socrates’ Book Reviews-NetGalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge – Sign Up.

I’m going for the 75 Platinum level, since I only went over it by a little this year. I’ll post a list of what I read at the end of 2021. I’m waiting to see if I get one more book done that I’ve started. That’ll make 79 if I get it read (which I’m pretty sure I will.)

Image above was on the Socrates’ Book Reviews site and was created for Yvonne’s use by GadgetGirl71. I didn’t want to miss crediting her and hope it’s okay to post it here, so people will know that’s the image to look for on Socrates when they sign up.

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