2021 Literary Escapes Reading Challenge

I’ll be doing this one again. I came closer on the states this year and only missed four. As always, it’s hosted by Lori at Escape with Dollycas–2021 Literary Escapes Challenge.

I’ll keep a list offsite that I’ll share when 2021’s challenge is over, but it’s basically all the US states and as many countries you can read.

Updated 12/30/21: Didn’t make it (again) lol but it’s still fun. Here’s what I did get done:

Alabama—Murder in the City—Susan Harper

Alaska—Alaskan Alliance—Kathi Daley

Arizona—Artistic License to Kill—Paula Darnell

Arkansas—Raspberry Ripple Murder—Abby Byne

California—Hope, Faith and a Corpse—Laura Jensen Walker

Colorado—Cruel Candy—Mildred Abbott

Connecticut—The Time for Murder Is Meow—T.C. LoTempio


District of Columbia– The Coloring Crook—Krista Davis

Florida—Brewing Up Trouble—Constance Barker

Georgia—Murder by Page One—Olivia Matthews


Idaho—A Slippery Slope of Murder—Summer Prescott

Illinois—Perpetrators and Pumpkins—Summer Prescott

Indiana—A Cut Above—Judi Lynn

Iowa—Nearly Dead in Iowa—Wendy Byrne


Kentucky—Eggnog, Extortion and Evergreens—Tonya Kappes

Louisiana—Momentary Paws—Corrinne Winters

Maine—Gunpowder Chowder—Lyndsey Cole

Maryland—The Eleventh Hour—Anina Collins

Massachusetts—Rhubarb Pie Before You Die—Gin Jones

Michigan—Rock Candy and Robberies—Patti Benning

Minnesota—Cherry Cheesecake Murder—Joanne Fluke

Mississippi—A Murder Between the Pages—Amy Lillard

Missouri—Breakfast Can Be Murder—Arlene Morgan

Montana—Murder at the Ranch—Kathleen Suzette



New Hampshire—RaspBuried Tort—Lyndsey Cole

New Jersey—Cocoa Chaos—Allyssa Mirry

New Mexico

New York—A Catered Book Club Murder—Isis Crawford

North Carolina—Fatally Frosted—Jessica Beck

North Dakota

Ohio—Death by Pumpkin Spice—Alex Erickson


Oregon—Tomes and Terriers—Hillary Avis

Pennsylvania—A Wicked Yarn—Emmie Caldwell

Rhode Island

South Carolina—The Broken Spine—Dorothy St. James

South Dakota—Escape from Danger—Courtney McFarlin

Tennessee—Murder Turns a Page—Thea Cambert

Texas—Cranberry Spice Murder—Belinda J. Evaline


Vermont—Christmas Cake Murder—Rosie A. Point

Virginia—A Deadly Edition—Victoria Gilbert

Washington—Kiss ‘N Tell—Kathi Daley

West Virginia—Seriously Serial—Patti Benning

Wisconsin—Whiskers of Murder—Patti Benning

Wyoming—Murder on Display—Thea Cambert


Australia—Death in Room 7—K.J. Emrick

Canada—A Hiss-tory of Magic—Harper Lin

England—Slay Bells Ring—Mona Marple

France (Paris)—Paris, Before You Die—Mary Bowers

Mexico—Don’t Taco ‘Bout Murder—Mona Marple

Spain—Derailed Plot—Summer Campbell

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