Still Knife Painting review

This is the first book in a new series by author Cheryl Hollon of the Webb’s Glass Shop series. I thought the whole painting adventure package sounded like a cool business for a cozy mystery main character and very different from any that I’ve read. I really felt bad for Miranda just getting started in this business and having a murder occur in her own farmhouse right away. I’m definitely going to keep reading in this series, and now I really want to start the author’s other series that I’ve been collecting but just haven’t started yet.

My Goodreads review:

Still Knife PaintingStill Knife Painting by Cheryl Hollon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really liked the idea of someone doing trails, painting and Southern cooking as a type of adventure tour. I’m not sure I’d be thrilled with the trail idea or the moonshine tasting (I’ve tried it in Tennessee and don’t care for it), but the painting sounds fun along with the authentic Southern meal. I liked Miranda a lot but at times, I wondered if she was thinking straight. Her little pup sounded adorable, and I liked the secondary characters of Austin (oh yeah!), Mrs. Hobb–and Sheriff Larson grew on me after a little bit.

I thought I guessed the killer but it was just another red herring. I kind of figured the showdown might happen when it did. It was short but very good. I always enjoy when there’s a wrap-up at the end which in this book took place after the murdered woman’s funeral. There was a little side mystery that got its answer at this time too. I’ll definitely be interested in reading the next book. I think this idea has lots of potential, and what a great setting for lots of different mysteries.

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