Matchmaking Can Be Murder review

I just love this first book in the Amish Matchmaker series by Amanda Flower who is known for several series, but this is a spin-off on her Amish Candy Shop series. I remember meeting Millie in the last book along with her fun-loving goats, Phillip and Peter. (Although bishop’s wife Ruth doesn’t think they’re much fun!) It’s going to be so hard to wait for the next book to come out, but at least I know that the Amish Candy Shop has a couple of releases coming this spring. Maybe Millie and her friends will be mentioned in there?

My Goodreads review:

Matchmaking Can Be Murder (An Amish Matchmaker Mystery #1)Matchmaking Can Be Murder by Amanda Flower

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely love this book! From the adorable goats (ok maybe the bishop’s wife doesn’t think they’re adorable) to the new friendship that matchmaker Millie Fisher built with her childhood friend, Lois. Oh my gosh, they were hilarious sleuths, well Lois was the hilarious one, and they were different as night and day. I loved that she kept calling Millie “Amish Marple”.

It was great to see already-familiar characters from the Amish Candy shop series like Juliet, Jethro and Aiden Brody (the sheriff, his mom and her little spotted pet pig who was as much of a stinker as those goats!), as well as Clara and Charlotte from the candy shop. But I definitely really like the new character of Lois and even her granddaughter Darcy. And Millie makes an awesome main character!

I had a feeling I knew who was behind a lot of things, although it played out a little differently. I was actually enjoying reading about the sleuthing more than I was trying to figure out whodunit. I’m so anxious now for the next book!

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