First in Series Challenge 2020

I made a decent dent in that drawer of books I had, but for 2020 I’m not going to set my goal so high. I had twenty-three books I wanted to clear out in 2019, and I did manage to clear out thirteen of them, which is pretty decent. I’m going to challenge myself to read the other ten of them and two more to make for one a month. These are:

A Deadly Grind (Vintage Kitchen)—Victoria Hamilton

A Peach of a Murder (Fresh Baked)—Livia J. Washburn

Beaglemania (Pet Rescue)—Linda O. Johnston

Cookie Dough or Die (Cookie Cutter Shop)—Virginia Lowell

Death on the Cliff Walk (Gilded Age)—Mary Kruger

Fatal Fixer-Upper (Do-It-Yourself)—Jennie Bentley

Homicide in Hardcover (Bibliophile)—Kate Carlisle

Kneaded to Death (Bread Shop)—Winnie Archer

Mistletoe Murder (Lucy Stone)—Leslie Meier

Mum’s the Word (Flower Shop)—Kate Collins

It Takes a Witch (Wishcraft)–Heather Blake

The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse (Cats in Trouble)–Leeann Sweeney

As before, I’ll link to my reviews when I read them, or if I get behind like I did in 2019, I’ll probably wait till the eleventh hour to update this page. Here’s my 2019 First in Series page now that I’ve updated it with review links.

This is just a for-fun challenge that anyone is welcome to join if you also have first in series that you’re trying to get read. Since mine are all physical books, they’ll count for other challenges too!

I know that Christina (@TeacherReader1) has been waiting for me to post this, and now that we’re back from vacation and have celebrated half of our Christmases (my family one is this weekend), I had a little window of time to do this. Have fun!

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