A Murderous Tangle review

This is the third book in the renamed series Seaside Knitters Society. It’s basically an extension of the original series and had a different name when publishers were switched–that’s the story I read anyway. Like all the books I’ve read so far in the new series, there’s more than just a murder mystery. It’s a story of people and relationships and sometimes unfolds a little slower than a typical cozy, but I’m used to that formula now and love the cozy feeling that this series brings.

My Goodreads review:

A Murderous TangleA Murderous Tangle by Sally Goldenbaum

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t know how she does it, but this author always manages to come up with just the perfect knitting situations to create the perfect cozy atmosphere in this series. I’ve really grown to love all these main characters, and yes, even though there are a lot of them, I don’t get confused. I wasn’t sure what to think about their new friend Tess at first, but she eventually fit in with the group.

I eventually guessed who the killer was, and that’s another thing I’ve liked about this series in what I’ve read. Maybe it’s what makes it so peaceful and leaves me thinking about the characters, but it’s a nice break sometimes not to have a main character have a dangerous standoff with the killer. Sometimes the killer is even one of their own and not normally a bad person. I absolutely loved the last scene in the book! It was the perfect cozy Christmas!

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