A Bias for Murder–review

This is the third book in the revised cover/title series Queen Bees Quilt Shop. The original title was “Murder on a Starry Night”, but it’s kind of cool to actually see that title quoted toward the end of the book. I noticed a couple of inconsistencies and thought it was just me, but in an Amazon review, I saw that someone else noticed it too. It’s nothing major. There’s a reference to an Esther, which I assume is Eleanor, one of the regulars. Then Po’s husband’s name became Bruce for some odd reason. The previous two books had him as Scott, and when I checked the copy I have of “Murder on a Starry Night,” he was called Sam in that one! Oh well, just little things I notice, but they don’t take anything away from the story line. I was just happy to find the assurance that I wasn’t dreaming about Scott becoming Bruce 😉

My Goodreads review:

A Bias for Murder (Queen Bees Quilt Shop #3)A Bias for Murder by Sally Goldenbaum

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The quilters got a large commission in this book when the twin sister of a recently murdered beloved local scholar arrived in town. She didn’t leave the best impression on people and shocked the town when she announced that she was opening a B&B in her family’s mansion. The Queen Bee Quilt Shop quilters were happy to take on the task of making eight quilts to go in eight of the rooms of the B&B. In the meantime, a killer was lurking out there someplace, and Po & Crew knew that they’d be investigating.

Somehow this book seemed to move a lot slower than the previous two. The story was good, and we got the usual camaraderie of the ladies and their friends. I always love it when Po has Sunday dinner at her house for her friends. It give them a chance to talk about the case and pick any brains, but PJ wasn’t even working the case this time which seemed a little odd. All in all, I did like it and the showdown was exciting. As it turned out, the town had a couple of new people to call friends. Now I’m wondering if the original fourth book in this series is going to be redone. I know this author’s name isn’t on it, and I’m not sure if the name Marnette Falley is a pen name for her or not. I at least have a copy of the original fourth book called “Dog-Gone Murder”, so I intend to read it and see if any closure was brought to this series that ended. I have two couples in mind that I would like to see happily ever afters for! 😉

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