Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody Review/Release Day

This is the big day for author Barbara Ross and her new Jane Darrowfield series. She’s releasing it exclusively on Barnes & Noble for a year, then like some others that I’ve bought there first, it’ll come to other booksellers.

I had received an advance paperback copy from the publisher, so I read it earlier this month, but I didn’t think I should blog about it that early. Jane Darrowfield has always had a skill of fixing things for people, not the illegal kind of fixing but the friendly and helpful kind. Or as her new friend Harry put it so well, “professional busybody.” I really enjoyed getting to know Jane and her friends. She had quite the adventure living at a retirement village trying to patch things up among some of the residents, and she definitely didn’t expect to find out that one of those residents was murdered. There were more fun twists and turns along the way.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a paperback ARC of this book providing by @Kensington Publishing, and my opinions are my own. Thanks to my contacts there for letting me read this awesome book ahead of time!

My Goodreads review:

Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody (Jane Darrowfield #1)Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody by Barbara Ross

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jane is a new 55+ age sleuth and I really like her! She’s a widow, misses her husband a lot but is strong and independent and doesn’t feel like she absolutely needs a guy in her life–although it would be nice. Jane was known as a fixer of lives, or as a new gentleman friend (yes she actually helped her friend with online dating and ended up taking the man for herself lol) called her, a professional busybody. Her reputation was locally known, so it came as no surprise to her when a man named Paul who was in charge of a retirement community called on her to hire her for her services (hence, the professional in professional busybody). The residents acted like they were in high school with their lunch room cliques and gangs. Paul hoped that she could fix that by talking to people which was pretty much her superpower.

Jane didn’t expect to have a murder occur during her stay at the retirement village, but she was determined to figure that one out, which wasn’t easy in a place where nearly every person had secrets, including the employees. There was a good twist in the mystery and eventually when the killer clues started coming, I realized who it was. There were so many different characters that really the only ones I feel like we got to know were Jane, her new friend Harry and Jane’s friend Det. Alavarez. I liked them all and hope that the guys will follow her into another book.

This book releases later in June. I received an advance reader paperback copy from the publisher, but my opinions are my own and have no bearing on receiving the free book.

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