Summer Semester 2019 Challenge

UPDATE: Finished on 8/18/19

I saw this challenge on a blog too. Here is where you can sign up and from that link, there’s a link to see the original post with how it’s done. I’ve never done this particular challenge, and thought it sounded easy enough to do just the summer semester.

I’m choosing Professor AuthorLuv’s Beginner Class for one credit and will commit to reading three books by Tonya Kappes over the three months of the challenge. I have lots of fave authors, but this will help me catch up a little in one or two of her many series. If this works for me, I might just do the fall semester challenge with a different author.

June–A Killer Latte, #6 Killer Coffee–read 6/23/19

July–Christmas, Criminals and Campers–#4 Campers and Criminals–read 7/11/19

August–Motorhomes, Maps and Murder–#5 Campers and Criminals–read 8/18/19

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