A Deadly Feast–review

This is the 9th book in the Key West Food Critic written by well-known author Lucy Burdette aka Roberta Isleib. Being a Key West resident herself, she’s an awesome storyteller when it comes to all things Key West. Her writing style is fun even if she’s not talking about Key West. I’m not exactly caught up yet in the series, but I’ve read enough of it to really think of these characters as friends.

My Goodreads review:

A Deadly Feast (Key West Food Critic Mystery #9)A Deadly Feast by Lucy Burdette

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The long-awaited wedding of Nathan and Hayley has a pretty exciting few days prior to it. Hayley was worried sick about Nathan who was on a secret sting operation along with most of the police force in town. A woman on a foodie tour she’d attended ended up dying from a stroke, and a local chef named Martha was hiding a huge secret and feeling guilty as well. Hayley had to rely on her intuition once again, and this time it was for something even more important. Topping all of that off was the fact that their houseboat contractor had basically bailed on them, and now Hayley and Nathan wouldn’t be able to move in until it was finished once she found another contractor.

These characters are like old friends to me now even though I’ve not read most of the beginning books–I’m still intending to do that though. Probably my favorite characters aside from Nathan and Hayley themselves would be Miss Gloria (what a hoot! I want to be like her when I’m 80!) and Steve, Nathan’s fellow officer who is also an ordained minister. He always seems to have just the right thing to say to make the situation better. There are some awesome-sounding recipes at the end of the book, lots of them! Of course, I’m always partial to how the desserts sound!

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