Finishing the Series Challenge 2019

As if I really needed another challenge, I just couldn’t resist this one when I saw it on Escape from Dollycas’ blog today. The ladies at Celebrity Readers are hosting it and you can sign up on their sign-up blog post.

Here are the levels:

C-list finisher: complete 1-4 series
B-list finisher: complete 5-8 series
A-list finisher: complete 9+ series

I’m going to go minimal on this one and declare C-list since I’m not sure yet what those series will be or how long. I have a few in mind though! Basically, they have to have been started by at least one book before 2019 begins. Series can be any length, books can be any format or length. Even a two-book series counts. I had been hunting for a challenge like this one and only found one that required re-reading the previous books that were read. This one should be fun and cross over into various other challenges as well.

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