Asking for Truffle–review

I started this series from the beginning since I have the ARC for the third book. I wanted to read them in order, since I feel that’s really helpful sometimes. This was such a fun beginning for this series! I really love the characters, especially Bertie! Mabel was awesome too.

My Goodreads review: (I had started this book over a month before I finished it, but that was only because of real life things I needed to do instead of read, yeah it’s rough not to have time to read!)

Asking for TruffleAsking for Truffle by Dorothy St. James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow I can’t believe it’s been that long since I started this book! I really wanted to have finished it, the second and third books by now, but we all know how real life is! Anyway, I absolutely loved this book!

Charity Penn, aka Penn, was called to Camellia Beach, SC by her friend Skinny McGee. He had some amazing news to share with her, but by the time she got down there, he’d been murdered. Now Penn felt like she needed to stay to figure out what happened to him–and she was curious about the partial DNA report that was found in Skinny’s pocket–could she be related to someone in Camellia Beach? In the meantime, the local chocolate shop owner, Mabel, took Penn under her wing and began teaching her the chocolate making trade. Her untimely death caused Penn to inherit the shop, much to her surprise and the surprise of Mabel’s kids. There were suspects everywhere as Penn soon found out as she investigated on her own. Hopefully she would live till the fifth day after the will reading!

The action just never stopped during the last 65% of the book. I started having suspicions about the person who ended up being the killer, but I wasn’t really sure about the reasoning. Penn met some wonderful new friends in Camellia Beach, and even though she has trust issues about getting close to people, by the end of the book I could tell she had found some genuine friends that she cared about. I am planning to start the next book right away and head into the third.

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